No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1072

“This is great! There’s hope for us to get to the top five!” Not many contenders were left on the stage at that moment, and several men who were at the middle stage of the demi-god level were elated at the prospects.

They had thought it would be impossible for them to get to the top five placement, but they never expected that Jack would eliminate five to six masters in one go. Even masters like Hudson, Martin, and Liah—who were in the last stage of the demi-god level—were eliminated by Jack.

“What…?” Beth, who stood not far away from Jack, was stupefied. She was the First Elder’s daughter, and her father purposely asked her before the competition to help Jack whenever there was a chance.

They never thought that his combat prowess would exceed the rest.

She was stupefied when she saw the scene in front of her.

Both her and Jack stood on the stage, but nobody dared fight them as everybody knew defeating them was impossible.

Beth had a tight smile on her face. It looked like she was going to proceed to the next round and be in the top five without doing anything.

Moreover, she might even be the competition’s first runner-up, given the situation at hand.

“What is it? I’m thankful for your offer, Beth, but I really don’t need your help,” said the smiling Jackt to Beth when he saw her stunned on the spot.

“You’re really too strong! What grade is that martial skill you’ve performed just now? I feel that it’s a second-grade martial skill. If that’s not the case, how can you defeat them when you’re only mid-way the demi-god level?” Beth smiled bitterly. She thought about it and continued speaking. “With your attack just now, I feel that you should be at the peak stage of the demi-god level. You’re really strong—your prowess almost matches that of Lance’s!”

Jack became sheepish at that; it surprised him at how they would say his prowess had reached the peak of the demi-god level.

Still, it made sense when he thought about it. After all, he did not carry out attacks where his Chi left his body, and it was natural that they did not know that he was already in the real god-level. It was best if he could win the competition while still hiding his true power.

“Big Wave Hits—a second-grade intermediate martial skill. It’s handy,” replied Jack with an indifferent smile.

Beth’s eyes lit up when she heard this and she said with a smile. “Second-grade intermediate? That astounding skill can be used for group attacks. I think the master will ask you to contribute it so that all the White family members can learn this skill, too!

“You’re now the family master’s inheritor, and you’ll be the master in the future. You won’t refuse to help the White family, right?”

Beth’s excitement baffled Jack; she was obviously interested in his martial skills, too.

He gave a weak smile as he replied, “It’s still too early to assume things. I’m not the inheritor yet, and I can only be considered as one of the top five.”

Beth rolled her eyes at Jack and said, “Stop being so humble! Which one of these people can beat you? There’s no doubt about the result!”

Everything happened just as Beth predicted it to be, and there were no doubts about the results. Jack, Beth, and three others were left on the stage, and all five of them instantly emerged as the competition’s top five.

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