No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1076

“Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations to Young Master Jack for becoming the inheritor to our family master!” Many people started leaving. Jack had just come down from the competition stage when some masters of the branch family immediately surrounded Jack to congratulate him.

Another old man with white hair also walked forward to Jack, gesturing politely as he praised, “Indeed! It must’ve been difficult for you to rise from the common world, Young Master Jack. It’s really rare to have such talents. Truly, you’ll lead the White family on a glorious path!”

“Oh, yes, I’m not very clear about certain situations in the branch families. If any of you are free, please stay and leave tomorrow. We’ll have a gathering at my place and talk about the issues among the branch family while we drink. After all, I’ve just returned to the White family, and there are many things that I don’t understand,” commented Jack as he smiled to the crowd.

“Sure! Haha… Then I, Lancelot White am staying, and I’ll only head home tomorrow so I can have a drink or two with Young Master Jack!” replied Lancelot, chuckling as he did. The eyes of this branch family master lit up when he heard what Jack said.

After all, every previous member of the main family was arrogant and never paid heed to suggestions from the branch families. Was it possible that Young Master Jack planned to start caring about the branch families’ situation? If that was the case, that would be miraculous how members of the main family paid more attention to the branch families!

The branch families, in their own rights, had many prodigies among them, but they had limited resources for enhancing their martial status—they had to hand in most of their materials, after all. As a result, prodigies of the branch families were neglected.

Jack thought about it and said to the crowd, “Sure! Anybody who wants to come over can come, but make sure that there aren’t too many of you as my living quarters can’t contain so many people. Moreover, too many of you might attract unnecessary attention, and I’m afraid of what others would say.”

The branch family masters were no fools. After all, Jack had just returned, and although he became the inheritor of the family master with his own strength, there were many among the branch families who did not want him to be the inheritor. People like Lily were obviously unhappy about Jack inheriting this position.

However, the rules and notices of this competition had been announced previously. Coupled with the fact that this was an extremely fair-and-square way, most of the people approved this competition and accepted the competition’s outcome. Hence, Lily and the others dared not say anything even though they were inwardly displeased. They could do nothing else but accept the result.

“Alright, I need to head back now and see my friend. Let’s meet tonight. It’ll be easier when the sky turns dark.” Jack smiled and soon asked the branch family members to leave.

Jack did not want to inherit the White family master’s position, but it was clear that those who poisoned his father did not want him to be this inheritor. Jack thus decided to take up the mantle, and he would excel stellarly in it. In that case, the other party would definitely want to kill him.

It would be easier for the other party to unmask their true identities under such circumstances. By then, he would be able to identify if it was Lily and the others. He could think of a way to kill these people once their identities were revealed.

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