No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1077

After the members from the branch families left, Elaine, Selena, and the others walked toward Jack.

Selena came closer and smilingly gushed, “Congratulations, Honey, you’re now the family master inheritor. You’ve gone up the ranks, and rather highly at that!”

“There’s nothing worth congratulating me for. To be honest, I didn’t want to be the inheritor.” Jack smiled bitterly. “However, to get this Cyro Pearl and find out the person who poisoned my father, I’ve no other choice but to take up the family master title.”

“Hey, this is such an important thing. You’re the family master inheritor now, and that means you’re the future White family master!” Ben stared at Jack. “Many people wished for something as good as this to happen to them, but you, on the other hand, are reluctant! Think about it: My sister and I won’t lack resources for enhancing martial statuses once you inherit the title!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t lack materials even if I don’t be the family master inheritor,” assured Jack. “After all, martial artists don’t need so much resources for the enhancement of martial status. I can get several Chi Congregation Pills as I’m a member of the White main family!”

“That won’t work,” Elaine chimed in afterward. “Think about it… They dared send people to assassinate you when you were outside. They won’t have the guts to harm you if you’re the family master inheritor, even though they desperately want to kill you. You’re safe in the White main family! However, if you’re not the family master inheritor, some people might not give you face!” Elaine paused here before continuing to speak with a bitter smile on her face, “However, they wanted to get rid of you before you returned. They’re probably getting antsy now that you’re here, just wanting to get rid of you.”

“Yes, Jack. It’s best if you don’t simply leave the White main family. At least the First Elder and Second Elder would protect you when you’re still at the main family. We’d be in trouble if you sneak out by yourself!” Lana, who was beside them, also reminded Jack.

“Alright, I understand, but I don’t feel that normal people can kill me with my martial level!” Jack gave a small smile as he tightened his fists. “Fighting with these people today made me understand my combat power even more. I feel like I won’t have a problem killing people of other levels with my combat power! It seems like the training technique we’ve used is no low-level technique!”

“Yes, now let’s go. We need to visit Fernando and use this Cyro Pearl soon. I’m afraid that your senior won’t hold on if we don’t use it quickly.”

Jack led everyone to a cave.

There was a stone room inside the cave, and many White family members stood guard at the entrance.

Inside, Fernando lied on a stone bed as Ethan kept watch silently.

Ethan broke into a smile when he saw Jack coming over. “Master, how did it go? You must’ve succeeded with your martial level! I’ve analyzed Senior’s situation again, and his breath is rather weak. If we don’t freeze him now, he might not make it tomorrow.”

Jack nodded. He flipped his hand and took the Cyro Pearl out. “I’ve gotten the item. Let’s freeze him now.”

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