No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1079

To Ben’s question, Jack explained, “When I inserted the Chi, I inserted a strand of my mental strength into it. You guys still can’t use this mental strength yet at the moment. This mental strength is an invisible and mysterious power. You guys can’t see it, and you can only feel and use it after reaching the true god-level.

“If I want to undo this freeze, I just need to connect to the Cyro Pearl through my thoughts. The freeze would be undone after I communicated with it.”

“Alright, we should leave. This place is ice-cold right now!”

“We’re fine, but you and Selena are not martial artists yet, so your body quality is bad when compared to us,” stated Jack. “You might get a cold if you stay here too long.”

The group soon walked out of the cave.

Ethan thought about it before asking Jack, “But Master, we can only prevent Fernando from dying right now; it’d be difficult if we want to heal him. His body has totally stiffened, and so have his muscles and stones. He’s like a stone right now. How are we going to save him? I’m out of ideas, really.”

Jack smiled bitterly before speaking, “Truthfully, I don’t know myself, and all I can do right now is stop him from dying.”

Jack’s reply flustered everyone else. They had no idea that even Jack had not thought of ways to save Fernando.

“How’s that possible? Does that mean we’ll have to keep him frozen forever? That’s no different than dying.” Ben could not help but smiled bitterly as he followed Jack on the way back.

“That won’t happen. I know a family who has a precious item—a medical book. I heard that this book is very powerful, and there’s a possibility for us to find ways from the book.”

Jack fell silent for a moment as he thought of something, a tight smile appearing on his face afterward. “Sadly, we’re in trouble because the White family has a bad relationship with this family, and we can be considered as enemies. The most crucial point is that they’re one of the eight shadow families, and they’re very strong. They might not show us the medical book.”

Ben felt that he was in trouble after he heard this.

“Sigh… Let’s talk about it later. At least Fernando is still alive now, and I’ll try anything as long as there’s hope!” Jack sighed again and said, “What we need to do now is to wash your bodies and make you martial artists before leading you guys onto the path of training. Apart from that, there’s also my father’s poison. I already know what medication I need to help cure my father based on his body’s condition, but finding those herbs is difficult.”

“Yes, we can halt with Fernando’s issue right now as it’s not that urgent. However, we need to think of a way to help treat your father.” Ethan also nodded after he heard what Jack said.

“I have several herbs with me, but I’m still short of a few others. Of course, I’ll try my best to think of a way to resolve my father’s ailment.” Jack smiled.

The group soon arrived at their living quarters.

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