No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1082

“We don’t know if the master knows about this, and we dared not ask. We’re afraid of offending others if we ask too many questions.” The old man was one of the branch family masters. He spoke with a frown, and helplessness was written all over his face.

It was apparent that they feared the main family members while wanting to get more martial enhancement resources for the branch families.

“Who’s in charge of these things?” questioned Jack.

“First Elder was in charge when the requirement was fifty percent, but he then had to manage other things, thus Third Elder was placed in charge of the matter.” Lancelot smiled. “Not long after he was tasked with managing the martial enhancement resources, he told us that the upper management decided to raise it to sixty percent, concluded in a meeting.

“He said that the main family had developed well and many of their youngsters had breakthroughs. We were asked to be considerate toward the main family and sacrifice a bit more. They also said that they’ll let us keep some of the resources after the family master gets better.”

Chad, the old man with white hair, also nodded. “Yes, and we understood the difficulties the family master faced. After all, it was best to concentrate the resources and let a small amount of people breakthrough, and that’s why no one said anything. Alas, the amount increased again not long after that.”

Another old man chimed in, “Yes. Several people voiced their unhappiness when the requirement rose to seventy percent, but the Third Elder killed them in front of everybody else. He was furious, indeed, saying that the branch family members are inconsiderate and even said that we’re supposed to serve the main family!”

These people from the branch families were obviously angry but they dared not say it out loud. They could only hold it in as there was strict management between the main and branch families.

A thought then occurred to Jack as he prodded, “By the way, are these resources safely kept by the Third Elder after they’re collected?”

He finally understood what was going in. He seriously suspected that the non-stop increase in the resources submission from the branch families was not his father’s idea, and it was the Third Elder’s action alone.

The Third Elder was afraid that his actions would be exposed, which was why he killed those against the requirement and him, effectively silencing the branch family members despite their anger.

Apart from that, the branch families were far away from the main family, and it was difficult for them to come to the main family under normal circumstances. Even if they were to come, they might not be able to meet anyone from the main family.

Moreover, they feared that that was what the main family wanted and that the Third Elder would kill them, so they could only keep themselves in check and endure it throughout the years.

Jack felt that the reason they could muster their courage and tell him what happened was that he was not a member of the main family before this, and it helped that he himself invited them to stay for drinks and share whatever they had in mind. These family masters were brave enough to tell him everything because of that.

Lancelot said, “Our family master must be afraid that if only one person was placed in charge of these things, embezzlement might take place, thus the Third Elder is only in charge of collecting these resources. He would need to submit these resources to the First Madam—she’s in charge of allocating the resources and doing the accounts, after all.”

Jack’s expression darkened when he heard that, and everything clicked for him.

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