No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1086

Joan gave a bitter smile. “Why should I hate you?” she said. “I did hate you at the start—I hated how weak you were, and how you couldn’t take care of us!”

Here, she heaved a sigh and stood up. “But I no longer hate you. I know that you truly love me, and I can feel your sincerity,” she continued. “I also understand your helplessness. You are in this position after all. And your father and your family would never have approved of us even back then. Besides, as the master of the family, you must always take the White family into account!”

“Thank you, Joan. Thank you for being so understanding and forgiving!”

Nash’s eyes reddened. “Or maybe this is God’s punishment, to make me, the master of the White family, die on a bed instead of a battlefield,” he added. “I thought of plenty of ways I could die, but I never thought that I would be poisoned!”

Joan turned around and looked at Nash, smiling. “Don’t be so pessimistic. Jack’s very skilled in medicine. I believe that there will be a way to find an antidote—I believe that he’ll find a way!”

“I don’t think it’ll be easy. It’s extremely difficult to find a poison that can successfully take effect on a chi practitioner—what more a chi practitioner like me. It means that this poison is very lethal!”

Nash flashed a bitter smile. “Jack probably said that earlier to console me and for me to know the truth. Are all of you on it too? All of you are probably well aware that there’s no way of finding an antidote for this poison. I’m not afraid of dying, to be honest. I’m already content because I got to see you and our brilliant son before I die!”

“Tsk tsk. Aren’t you being too sentimental for a grown man?”

No one expected Jack to walk in at this moment. He studied his father, who was lying on the bed. “Don’t worry. I didn’t give up on Fernando even when his condition was so serious,” he said. “It’ll be difficult to find the ingredients for the antidote, but I’ll get it. I already know how to treat you. So long as we get those ingredients, the antidote won’t be a problem!”

Nash was stunned. “When did you arrive?” he asked Jack.

Jack was speechless for a while. He thought for a moment before lying, “I had just arrived at the door when I heard you voicing your woes, talking about how the poison has no cure to. How little faith you have in your son!”

“Really? Hah. I don’t have to worry about anything with you around. I trust you!”

Nash laughed. He thought for a while before saying, “Oh, right. Why aren’t you asleep yet, Jack? You must be here to talk about something!”

“Bingo. I have something to talk to you about!”

Jack replied, smiling.

“All right. I’ll go back and rest first. I’ll give you two some time alone!”

Joan’s lips curved into a soft smile when she looked at Jack, then she left.

“Did you use the Cryo Pearl?”

Nash asked after Joan left.

“I did. The results are promising. It completely encased Fernando in ice!”

Jack bobbed his head and sat down by the bedside. “Father, how much tithes do we receive from the branch families every year?” he asked Nash.

Delight leaped in Nash’s heart. If Jack was starting to show concern about the White family’s matters, it seemed that he was intent on making it his own family now.

Otherwise, he would never ask about the White family matters.

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