No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1087

Nash flashed a grin. “Well, we’ve always made them pay 50 percent. But we’ve raised this by 10 percent in recent years for the sake of developing the main family, so they give 60 percent. There’s no way about it though. The branch family members have to make some sacrifices to help some of us get stronger.”

Here, appreciation crossed Nash’s expression. “The branch family members are pretty good. The Third Elder said it himself—they truly understand us, and they fully cooperate with us. They even give the best-spirited grass to us. I’m thinking of reverting the tithing to 50 percent after the main family is more stabilized.”

It was just as Jack had thought it would be. The Third Elder and Lily had been lying to everyone by taking plenty of resources for the enhancement of martial status for themselves.

“So you’ve never increased the tithing after raising it to 60 percent? Not even once?”

Jack asked again just to make sure.


Nash did not think twice before answering, “60 percent is plenty enough. The other big families only make their branch families give 50 percent. Sometimes, people from the main family will even help to find resources. But here, we wanted everyone to focus on their training and get stronger. That’s why we had the branch families find the resources and give 60 percent to us!”

After he said that, Nash also realized that something was amiss. Jack would not have come over in the middle of the night if there were no problems. Why did he ask such questions anyway?

A crease formed between his brows. “What did you hear, Jack?” he tentatively asked his son. “What do you know?”

Jack bobbed his head. “Father, you have to promise me that you will not breathe a single word about this to the Third Elder and Lily!”

“Don’t worry. I’m not a chatterbox! I’m discrete enough to keep a secret!”

Nash offered a smile. “Don’t tell me that they’ve secretly made the branch families give more resources?” he guessed.

“Why should they stop at some? They made the branch families give 70 percent before, and now they’ve raised it to 80 percent. The branch families barely have anything for themselves, and they’re afraid that we’ll continue to raise the tithe—and they won’t be able to survive then. But they’ve held their dissent in, all this while. They told me in secret just today!”

Jack was extremely furious. He clenched his fists.

“No way!”

Nash was furious as well after he heard this. He clenched his fists and yelled.

However, just as he said that a surge of blood spat out of his mouth. Color immediately leached from his face.

“Don’t be angry, Father. Your body is weak now. The medicine I gave you can suppress your symptoms for a while, but not for long either. Please don’t get mad, or your condition will worsen!”

Jack was shocked when he saw this. He quickly grabbed a tissue to wipe any traces of blood away from the corners of Nash’s mouth.

“This blood is nothing, my son when I have you taking care of me.”

Nash looked at Jack, elated.

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