No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1092

“Heh. Get up first. You’re being too polite!”

Jack hastily hauled the other man up. “All right. You can leave now. Everyone should be waiting for the news,” he said. “And you’ve been here for too long. It won’t be good if someone else spots us!”

“All right. I’ll tell everyone about the good news!”

Lancelot declared excitedly.

“Remember to tell them to keep it a secret. Don’t worry. We may not be able to deal with Lily and the Third Elder for now, but I’m sure that my father can settle a matter like this during a meeting!”

Jack reminded him after thinking for a while.

Quickly, Lancelot left, giddy with happiness.

At the foot of a mountain that was not too far from the White family’s residence, the heads and elders of the branch families who had pretended to leave were actually gathering together.

“Ah. I wonder if Lancelot will bring good news to us!”

Chad White, who had a head tufted with white hair, could not help but heave a sigh after waiting a while.

“Heh. Don’t worry. He won’t bring bad news, that’s for sure. Jack is a fine young fellow, but he just officially joined the White family. He’s the heir, but I think many people won’t respect him either. He could be willing to help us, but his hands may be tied!”

Another middle-aged man chuckled. “It’s good enough that he can report our grievances to the master,” he said. “But I think it’ll be useless even if he told the master everything!”

“That’s right. Master has no way of confronting the Third Elder and the Mistress even if he knows what’s going on. Furthermore, his physical condition is terrible now!”

A woman said helplessly after thinking about it.

“That’s right. It’s useless even if Master knows. But it’s still better that he knows, rather than not knowing at all. Besides, we don’t know if the Third Elder and the Mistress truly conspired to take the martial resources. What if it was Master who ordered them to do so!”

The middle-aged man from before flashed a bitter smile. “So let’s not hope too much. The higher your hopes, the bigger your disappointment. It’s good enough that Young Master Jack treated us to barbecue and beer yesterday!”

“He’s coming!”

At this moment, Chad noticed Lancelot’s silhouette. Excitement leaped in his heart.

Lancelot spotted them too and rushed over eagerly.

“What happened? Did Jack spill what happened to us to the master? Were the Third Elder and the Mistress in cahoots to take the martial resources?”

Chad immediately stepped forward when Lancelot came before him. He looked at the other man expectantly.

“He did. Whatever Young Master Jack says he’ll do, he will do!”

Lancelot’s lips curved into a slight smile. “The master was furious when he found out,” he announced to the crowd. “Because the White family only requested to increase the tithe by a small percentage—up to 60 percent. They never talked about raising it to 70 or 80 percent!”

“I told you so. Master wouldn’t have done something like that. That’s why I said that it must have been the Third Elder. He and the Mistress are such wretched people. Why would they want to take so much martial resources for themselves? They won’t even be able to finish it!”

Chad stomped his foot, swathed in a righteous aura.

“Then? Does the master have a solution to this?”

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