No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1094

At noon, Nash called for a meeting.

The two new plans that were said before were brought up in the meeting and most of the attendees agreed to them.

Lily, the Third Elder, and two other elders were somewhat against the ideas, however, the majority of the members agreed to the plans. Most of them opined that those branch families had been making indelible contributions over the years, hence they approved of the new policies. Lily and the gang could not do anything even if they despised the ideas.

After the new policies were set, the matters were passed onto Jack to handle. Beth and Yule would be assisting Jack in this matter.

Lily and the Third Elder left the meeting room in a huff.

They ran into Hudson who was walking toward them on the way back to their residence. They were in deep discussion until Hudson appeared.

“Good day, First Madam! Good day, Third Elder!”

Hudson greeted Lily and Third Elder with a wide grin on his face.

After greeting them, when he was about to continue his walk, he suddenly thought of something else, and then he immediately wheeled around and shouted toward Lily and Third Elder, “Right! Third Elder, there’s something that I don’t know if I should inform you and First Madam about it!”

“What is it about?”

The Third Elder looked at Hudson with a curious look and asked.

“Hmmm…I saw Lancelot, the head of White branch family, meeting Jack, and then leaving the place not long after!”

Hudson answered smilingly.

“Is that so? That fella, what did he meet Jack for? Don’t tell him he’s licking his *ss right now to garner some benefits?”

The Third Elder’s forehead puckered; he was puzzled at the news.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure if the secretive meeting between Lancelot and Jack has anything to do with the meeting just now. Could it be that Lancelot is actually the one who suggested those plans to Jack?”

Lily pondered hard about the strange meeting between Lancelot and Jack and spilled out the question.

“That’s really possible! After all, the two new policies, letting a few talented young martial artists of White branch families join the training with the main White family, and making the members of the main White family go into the forest to collect resources, are both good news to the White branch families!”

Wade furrowed and slowly uttered his analysis.

“Meeting? There’s a meeting today talking about these new policies?”

Hudson heard the exchange and exclaimed. “It looks like Lancelot really did go to Jack for these matters. These f*cking b*stards from the branch families, they’re asking more and more now, aren’t they? How could they suggest sending their young martial artists to our main family? Making us share our resources and facilities with them! Our share of martial enhancement resources will be lesser!”

Lily echoed with fury, “I truly agree! The most frustrating thing is that you and the other young talented martial artists, whose martial status and combat prowess have reached grandmaster level or even demi-god level, have to spare your precious training time to go into the forest and scavenge for resources! This not only uses up your training time, but it’s also dangerous for all of you to go to that kind of place. If any of you were not blessed by the Lucky God, and get killed by the monsters in the forest, it’d be such a waste!”

Wade saw the opportunity to drive a wedge between Hudson and his grandfather—Nash, he quickly chimed in and fanned the flames of trouble. “What First Madam said is absolutely logical! What I don’t get is that your Grandpa agreed to this, saying that young people should go out to venture or something, and that’s the only way to grow, to expose oneself to different worldviews and to improve combat prowess!”

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