No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1095

Lily and Wade thought that when Hudson heard of what his grandfather had done to the main White family, he would quiver with anger.

Little did they expect, Hudson’s eyes had brightened up at the new ideas and beamed happily, “That’s so great, isn’t it? In fact, going into the forest and scavenging for those resources is like treasure hunting, so exciting! I feel good about the idea. Especially when you have to stay home every day to train and train and train, it’s so routine and boring! So, I’d want to go into the forest to practice and explore the world. I, Hudson White, am not afraid of death, if I want to become stronger, I should take up the challenges…”

Lily and Wade’s face immediately turned unsightly when they heard Hudson’s words. They were rendered speechless.

“Alright! First Madam and Third Elder, I’ll leave first! Letting the members of the branch families to come train here is definitely something I resent but sending us out to the forest and hunting for resources is something I find interesting, and I like it very much!

“I have long yearned to go out for a break!” Hudson walked away as he spoke aloud.

“What is this brat thinking? How could he agree with the new policies?”

Lily’s face sank deeply as she watched Hudson’s back becoming more and more distant from her. “Sigh! The lady of luck has not been with me recently! Why is everything not going well? And about my son, is there really no clue at all?” Lily asked, whining.

Wade shook his head and said, “First Madam, nothing about Young Master Lance yet. If there’s any news or clue, I’ll definitely inform you immediately. I feel strange about the incident; a few families went together and they have brought men with them, how come they just evaporated into thin air? Without any news at all!”

“Yes, even if they’ve encountered some powerful monster beast, they have so many men with them, they could have scattered and escaped to different directions! One or two of them should have been able to escape and survive long enough to come to us, right? What’s more ridiculous is that my son and the other talented fighters of other families are all capable fighters, and their martial statuses are not low at all. The generic monster beasts are not their opponent at all. If they can’t fight, they can always escape!”

Lily’s heart was overwhelmed with worry and fear; she was tormented by these fearful feelings every day.

“Don’t worry, I believe that Young Master Lance will come back alive, he is one lucky boy who is always blessed by God. And our people will continue to look for him!”

Wade consoled Lily with a gentle tone.

He halted to ponder and continued, “What is burning right now is Jack. His combat prowess is not very high, but he is very smart. He helped the people of the branch families and made use of the new policies to gain trust and a good impression. He has bought their hearts this time.”

“You’re right. Lancelot is someone that we need to be cautious of too. He dares to meet Jack and plot all these matters. How abominable is he!” Lily huffed angrily.

As she spoke, Lily suddenly thought of something and exclaimed loudly, “Oh My God! We’re so done for, we’re so done for! Third Elder, Lancelot has gone to Jack for the new policies, do you—do you think he has told Jack about the tithes? That we’ve increased it to 80%? If that’s the case, Jack would definitely tell Nash!”

Wade gasped at Lily’s words. Terror stabbed his heart all of sudden that his four limbs went cold and clammy.

If these dirty deeds of theirs were exposed, then it would be troublesome. After all, they had pocketed a lot of martial enhancement resources all this while. Initially, when they only increased the percentage to seventy, they were weighed down by fear.

However, when they saw there was not much noise from the branch families, plus Wade had killed a few—who opposed the raise—to act as a deterrence effect to warn the others, nobody dared to make any noises anymore; they were obedient.

This way, Lily and the Third Elder had tasted the sweetness of their dirty deeds, hence they had become bolder and increased to eighty percent.

They thought that their deed would not be exposed, and they could continue pocketing the resources until the death of Nash. By that time, they would find a way to become the head of the family.

The two clearly did not expect the arrival of Jack in the White family, and his presence ruined their plans.

“F*ck! If Nash finds out, we’re so done for! He hates these deeds the most, he’ll definitely slit our throats!”

Wade’s face turned gloomy as he said, and his heart was in a complete state of terror.

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