No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1096

Lily calmed her head down and thought about the matter. “It shouldn’t be possible that Nash knew about this. If he did, he would have said something at the meeting today, and even smash the table or something. He looked happy today and was smiling throughout the whole meeting, so I bet he has yet to know about this!” Lily shook her head and suggested.

Wade released a huge sigh of relief when he heard Lily’s analysis. “You’re right. If Nash knew about it, he’d have exploded a long time ago. Besides, Lancelot, as the head of the branch family, is not a bold man. Every time I went to collect the resources from him, he has always greeted me with a smiley face and even prepared good food and wine to treat me. Such a person wouldn’t dare to spill a word unless he has a death wish!”

“Hmmm… Looking at the situation, I think Lancelot just wants to fight for some benefits for his people of the branch family. Other than that, I don’t think he has anything against us!”

Wade chuckled then added, “The b*stard Jack, I bet he dares not leave the main family. He is quite smart, isn’t he? As long as he’s not a fool, it’s impossible for him to leave the White family. After all, his father is dying, so he’ll definitely stay by his father’s side and spend the rest of his time here peacefully!”

“Right, aren’t you planning to go on a retreat? When are you going? In this retreat, you must strive to break through the demi-god realm and reach the true god realm! Once you breakthrough, the First Elder will no longer be your opponent! You can find an opportunity to end his life, and then Jack’s life as well. After all that, the position of family head will be yours!”

Lily was impatient at her thoughts. With her fish clenched, she blurted, “Hmph! After you kill the b*stard Jack, please do not touch a single strand of Joan’s hair, leave that b*tch to me. I’ll make sure she suffers ‘properly’ in the White family, that she will beg to die rather than continue living!”

In order to comfort Lily, Wade agreed and added, “At that time, you and the other elders have to support me to get the position of the family head. Once the First Elder, Nash White, and Jack have died, I’ll be the strongest fighter here in the White family. Although it’d not be cumbersome for me to be the head by that time, with the elders’ and your strong support, the other wouldn’t squeak an opposing noise at all!”

“Don’t you worry. When the time comes, you have my full support!”

Lily cast Wade a salacious wink as she spoke in a coquettish tone. “But don’t forget our agreement, as long as my son comes back alive, you’ll return the position of family head to him. Understand?” She added.

“Haha! Don’t be preoccupied, I’ll definitely give it to him!”

Wade chuckled aloud and stopped his laughter when he saw someone walking toward them. “Alright then, I’ll go on a retreat now. If there’s nothing serious, you shouldn’t come and disturb me. I strive to break through the demi-god realm this time and get to the true god realm. When I finally reach the true god realm, I want to see who dares to stop me then!” Wade sneered.

“Alright, please go ahead! I’ll wait for your good news!”

Lily giggled and continued, “Well, I’d better go to see Nash now. After all, the good-wife acting still has to continue, otherwise, it’d be troublesome if he gets suspicious of us!”

At another place this time, Jack boiled a large barrel of bathing water with spirited grass in it. Every essence of the spirited grass had gone into the bathing water.

“Dear, use this spirited grass water to soak yourself, alright? At first, you won’t feel a thing, but soon you’ll feel pain when the essence of spirited grass water penetrates into your body through the pores and then permeates your limbs. The pain will become stronger when time passes. I’ve to give you a heads up so that you have a mental preparation!”

Jack plastered a warm smile on his face and reminded the beauty before him with a calm and gentle voice.

“Hmmm. Don’t worry, I’ll endure it! Elaine has given me a lot of lectures and explanations about martial arts and combat techniques these days. And I fully understand that this path is not an easy one, but you won’t forget the joy you get when you break through a level. Your body will become stronger and more powerful. That kind of pure excitement and joy is something the commoners will not get to feel in a lifetime!”

Selena bobbed her head. She then took off her clothes slowly, let Jack pick her up, and put her into the wooden barrel full of spirited grass water.

It was true. Selena did not feel anything at all at first.

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