No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1097

However, as time flies, she started to feel a tingling sensation throughout her body, as though thousands of ants were crawling on her body and biting her sensitive skin. The sensation grew stronger and stronger, that it was no longer only tingling, it was hellish painful.

In a short while, there were beads of shiny sweat on her forehead, constantly dripping down her beautiful features. Fist clenched, teeth gritted, she endured.

“Eh? Why is there black color grease flowing out of my body? And it smells really bad, is everything okay?”

Soon, Selena found her arms emitting black and greasy liquid. It was disgusting and repugnant.

“Not to worry. It’s all normal. These are the impurities inside your body, as well as some toxins. They’re forced out by the spirited grass and once they’re all out, you’ll feel good. And it’d be hard for you to catch any cold or fall sick in the future!”

Jack giggled and continued, “Why do you think I prepare two barrels of water then? When you’re done with the spirited grass water spa, go soak yourself in the other barrel and scrub yourself thoroughly!”


The pain inside her body had become stronger and stronger. The pain made Selena whimper out.

“You’re nasty! Why are you still here? Stop looking at me!”

Noticing that Jack had been watching her taking the spirited bath since the beginning, Selena was a little embarrassed and her cheeks were kissed pink.

“I have to be here to watch you. What if you faint halfway through the spa and drown?”

Jack smiled bitterly and then added, “I am guessing Elaine is watching over Ben right now. Otherwise, if any of you fainted, you’d drown to death!”

“No…No freaking way! In later times, will the pain will be more excruciating than now? My God, how long will this take?”

A few horizontal lines formed between Selena’s brows as she listened to Jack. It looked like it would be more painful than she imagined.

“Haha, don’t worry too much. The treatment will be done in half an hour. A lot of people can normally endure the pain at the beginning of the treatment, then the peak of pain will come, and once you’ve endured the peak, the pain will slowly subside until your body no longer feels anything. Then the body is completely purified!”

The corner of Jack’s mouth curled up gently. “After your body is washed and purified, you’re considered a martial artist! Your overall strength and power will be enhanced. In general, for people with average talent, after their body gets purified, they’ll become a first-grade martial artist; for people with a little bit of talent, they will become a second-grade martial artist; and for people with natural raw talent, they can directly reach the third-grade of martial status!”

“My Lord, so many grades!”

Selena was surprised, at the same time, speechless. “I only hope that I’m not a first-grade martial artist then this talent of mine would be too average. Sigh! I still wish to become a grandmaster one day!”

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