No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1101

“Really? That’s great!”

Selena grinned and added, “You have to find the right time to go out, okay? After all, it won’t be easy for them to find you since they can’t follow you. This way, they won’t know where you’re heading!”

“Of course not. I’ll give them a signal to make them think that I’m going to the branch family! I’ll wait for them to head over to the branch families, and then I won’t turn up there at all!”

Jack flashed a wicked grin. “We’ll make them go on a merry hunt. There are so many branch families. They’ll be wasting plenty of time while they’re going on the search!”

“That’s a great idea. Hah!”

Ben laughed after he heard all this.

However, he quickly frowned and said, “But how are you going to hint them? You can’t just run up to them and announce it just like that. They’d never believe you that way!”

“Of course we can’t do that!”

Jack smiled. “Your sister and I will put on a show before Hudson. I noticed that he’s always sticking around the Third Elder and Lily and he’s definitely up to no good. He’ll definitely report any rumors he hears to the Third Elder or Lily!”

“All right. So that matter is settled! You have to leave in secret, okay? Only then will the plan work!”

Selena nodded her head.

The next morning, Jack heard a piece of good news—the Third Elder had retreated.

“That’s great. The Third Elder has retreated. It’ll be even safer for you when you go out, Dear! Any regular person is no match for you!”

Selena heaved an internal sigh of relief when she heard the news. After all, Jack feared the Third Elder the most at present. The Third Elder and the First Elder were fighters at the advanced stage of the true god status, and the strongest fighter in the White family was Nash, who was at the peak of the true god status.

Now, with Nash’s physical condition in this state, the only person who could match the Third Elder was the First Elder.

“It’s definitely good news!”

Jack gave a bitter smile. “But it might not necessarily be a good thing,” he said. “If the Third Elder is choosing to retreat at this moment, it means that he has a plan. Right now, only the First Elder can beat him. The Third Elder must be trying to break through the peak of the true god status in one shot! It’ll be troublesome if he actually achieves that!”

“No way. So you’re saying that he wants to rebel?”

Selena’s expression darkened when she heard this. “He still wants to be the head of the house even though he’s so old?”

“Of course he does!”

Jack’s lips curved into a frosty smile. “I overheard two members of the White family talking after they had just returned from the search the other day. They were probably in charge of helping to find Lance. After listening to their conversation, I think that the Third Elder does not believe that Lance will return alive!”

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