No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1102

“No way. That old fox is so dangerous!”

Selena was shocked after she heard that. “He’s already so old. I never thought that he’d want to take the head of the house position for himself!”

“Who knows what he’s thinking? He wants to kill me and Lance, and now he’s even retreated. It’d be odd if his intention was not to be the head of the house!”

Jack gave a cold smile. “However, I heard that it’s not been that long since he achieved the advanced level of true god status. That’s why it won’t be easy for him to experience a breakthrough. It’ll take a long time. That’s why I must quickly find the antidote for my father!”

As the two talked, they actually saw Hudson walking over.

Jack and Selena exchanged a glance and smiled. They immediately understood each other’s thoughts.

“How many branch families are there, dear? What are you going there for? Are you going to every single one of them?”

Selena asked Jack on purpose once Hudson walked a little closer.

Jack bobbed his head. “Mmhmm. I’m going to see all of them. I’m not very familiar with them yet. I’ll also take a look and see if there are any masters among them. If so, we should converse more with the members of the branch families!”

“When are you leaving?”

Selena asked again.

“Tomorrow! Since I’ve nothing much to do for now.”

Jack replied, smiling.

Hudson, who had just happened to pass by, scrunched his brows together when he heard of the two’s dialogue. Delight leaped in his heart, and he quickly scurried away to find Lily.

“First Madam, I’ve got some big news!”

Hudson could not help but burst into laughter after he came to Lily’s residence.

After all, Nash was dying, and Lance was missing. No one had found any traces of him even after so long, so he was probably eaten by monsters already.

Furthermore, if Jack was truly killed by Lily, he would be the only true master in the White family. This meant that he still had a chance to become the heir to the White family. He might even become the master.

When he thought of this, he was extremely elated.

“Big news? Heh. How big could it be?”

Lily chuckled after she heard that. “Tell me. I’ve not heard of any good news ever since Jack got here! I truly hope you are here with some good news!”

After she said that, Lily thought of something, and her eyes immediately brightened. “Don’t tell me that Lance is back?” she guessed. “Has he been found?”

Hudson was speechless for a while. He shook his head slowly. “That’s not the case, First Madam. But there’s some other good news!”

“All right. Just spit it out. It probably won’t be much of a good news, since it’s not about Lance!”

Lily released a long sigh, disappointment flashing in her eyes.

“First Madam, I think this piece of news is worth two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass!”

Hudson looked at Lily, grinning, trying to hint at the news.

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