No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1103

“Two stalks?”

Lily’s expression darkened. “You must be joking. I might believe you if you said that it’s worth a first-grade intermediate spirit grass. You’re telling me it’s worth first-grade premium spirit grass—and two stalks, at that! Do you realize the sheer value of that?”

“No, no. It’s definitely worth two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass. Trust me!”

Hudson tilted his head.

“No way. Two stalks of first-grade intermediate spirit grass, at most!”

Lily was also a stubborn person. She folded her arms over her chest, her features twisted into a flippant expression.

“All right. I take it that you don’t want to grab an opportunity to kill Jack. All right then!”

Frostiness tinged the corners of Hudson’s lips. He wheeled around and stalked out.

He was well aware that aside from wanting her son to come back alive, Lily desperately wanted to kill Jack.

He did not believe that Lily would be able to resist that idea.


Lily immediately called out to Hudson when she heard that it was an opportunity to kill Jack.

She flipped a palm and took two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass, thrusting it toward Hudson. “Tell me. What news do you have?”

Hudson swiped the spirit grass away and grinned. “You truly are generous, First Madam,” he said. “In all honesty, Jack is digging a grave for himself! I overheard him and his wife talking just now. He said that he was going to the branch families tomorrow to meet them!”

“The branch families? What on earth would he want to go to the branch families for?”

Lily’s eyes brightened when she heard that. “Fantastic. This is indeed good news. That brat is actually leaving the White family residence. He’s truly digging a grave for himself. This is a golden opportunity to kill him!”

“That’s right. He said that he wanted to get to know more of the branch family members and survey the masters among them so that he can contact them more easily!”

Hudson smiled. “I think that punk knows that plenty of members from the main family look down on him because he’s from the mortal realm. So he wants to curry favor with the branch family members and get their recognition instead.”

“That’s probably it!”

Lily nodded her head. “He’s leaving tomorrow, right? I’ll assign two guards to keep watch at the bottom of the mountain tomorrow. They’ll inform me immediately once he leaves. Then I’ll send more people to kill him!”

“Right. This is a serious opportunity to kill him. We can’t miss it. That’s why we can’t afford any slip-ups,” Hudson immediately replied. “He’s a pretty strong fighter, and he has good talent—who knew that he would be a second-grade intermediate fighter. That’s why we should probably get those who are at the peak of the true god status to kill him. If we can’t muster that manpower, we must at least get people at the beginning stage of the true god status after him!”

Lily frowned when she heard this. “Actually, the best man for the job is the Third Elder. He would guarantee us results. But he just had to retreat. We have to find someone else to kill that brat!”

“Mmhmm. And we must find someone we can trust. Before, it’d be fine to kill him because he was not the heir, but it’s different now that he’s the heir. That’s why we must find someone trustworthy and dependable. Someone who won’t reveal their identity, and someone who won’t let that brat escape!”

Since Hudson wanted to become the heir, he willingly helped Lily in her schemes!

“What about this? I’ll look for two fighters who are at the beginning stage of the true god status. That should be enough. We’ll just kill him and those friends of his if he brings them along. We won’t give them a chance to escape!”

Lily decided after thinking for a while.

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