No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1104

Lily quickly went to look for two members of the Lagorio family after considering the situation.

These two were from the Lagorio family, but they were Patronums in the White family, who had always relied heavily on them.

They had the Lagorio surname, but because of the relationship between the First Madam and Nash and how the White family treated them nicely, they worked hard for the White family, putting effort into whatever they did.

“What? You’re telling us to follow Young Master Jack and kill him?”

The two Patronums could not help but exclaim once they knew why Lily had come to them.

They had never imagined that she would assign them to such a task.

“What’s wrong with it? Don’t tell me that you have a problem? You both are fighters who are at the beginning stage of the true god realm. Surely it won’t be difficult to kill Jack.”

Lily was taken aback for a while, then she spoke with a cold smile hanging on her lips.

“We didn’t mean it like that!”

The young woman among them scrunched her brows together. “First Madam, even if Young Master Jack snatched the position that your son should have taken, we shouldn’t kill him over this, right? After all, he is the master’s son. The master is already in such a state, and Young Master Lance is…”

A shadow immediately fell over Lily’s face. “What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me that my son will never come back? That he’s dead?”

“Don’t misunderstand me, First Madam. We didn’t mean that. But we don’t know if Lance is alive or not, and the master is in such a poor state. Young Master Jack has strong talent, and he’s the master’s son. I think it’s fine if he becomes head of the house! We can’t have someone unsuitable sitting in that position, right? Hudson isn’t too bad, but he’s no match for Jack!”

Yolanda, the young Patronum, finally managed to wrangle her thoughts out after pondering for a while.

“Are you betraying your own for another now, Yolanda? Don’t forget that it was me who brought you over to the White family. You were weak then, and no one cared about you in the Lagorio family. But you advanced so much after you came here, and your fighting skills grew rapidly. Besides, it was I who fought for the Patronum position on your behalf. And now you want to help Jack?”

Lily’s expression darkened, as though a storm were brewing across her brows. “I gave this task to the both of you because I trusted you. I never thought that you would say something like that to me, Yolanda Lagorio!”

“Don’t worry, First Madam. We are from the Lagorio family. We will listen to whatever you say!”

Yolanda thought for a while before adding, “I just think that it would be a shame if a master like Jack were to die just like that. And I’m afraid that there won’t be a successor to the White family. What if Young Master Lance doesn’t return? What do we do then?”

“First of all, I believe that my son will come back,” Lily replied, huffing. “Secondly, even if my son doesn’t come back, we can’t let an illegitimate child like Jack become the head of the house—and he’s a live-in son-in-law, to boot! We’ll become a laughing stock if word of this gets out to other families. Understand?”

Here, Lily paused for a while before continuing, “At any rate, be here tomorrow morning. Follow Jack once he sets out for the branch families, then kill him once you’re some distance away from the White family residences. Kill all his friends if they’re with him. Got it?”

“Don’t worry, First Madam. We will carry out your commands without fail!”

The other Patronum, a young man, gave a wan smile and swore to Lily.

“Good. Keep this a secret. Got it?”

Lily nodded her head and said.

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