No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1107

Lana could not help but ask Jack after thinking about it.

Before Jack could reply, Ethan spoke up, “If my hypothesis is correct, Master probably wants to have a meal and rest here first. Then we’ll buy tickets to the Soul City, right?”

Jack bobbed his head. “We’ll buy the tickets tomorrow after resting here for a while. Soul City is a province rich with natural resources, and there are plenty of rare herbs there. I’ll probably find the materials I need there!”

“All right. We were in a rush yesterday night, so it’s been tiring. It’s best if we leave tomorrow!”

Ethan nodded his head and smiled.

As Lana observed the bustling city, with its congested streets and raucous cacophony, she could not help but exclaim, “I now understand why shadow families like the White family hate the secular world. After all, the mountains have such strong points of chi. Meanwhile, not only you don’t get much chi in the dust realm, the air pollution here is so serious!”

“That’s right!”

Jack also could not help but gain a sense of appreciation for the mountains. “Now there are fewer places to properly train oneself. I think it’ll be harder for future generations if they want to break into the true god status. After all, it’s very difficult to get the spirit grass if there isn’t enough chi to nurture it. Our martial resources are getting scarce!”

“Oh, right. Do you think Lance and the others are truly dead, Master? They should have returned long ago if they hadn’t died. But even if they had died, they were masters from significant families. There must have been traces of fighting left behind in that mysterious forest they went into if they were killed. Or there should have been a footprint or something. Why isn’t there a single trace?”

Lana quickly thought of something else and asked out of curiosity as she walked with Jack and Ethan.

“It is rather strange!”

Jack’s lips twisted into a bitter smile. “But we don’t have time to consider if Lance and the others are dead or alive. Right now, we need to find the materials we need and craft an antidote for my father so that he recovers. Only then will we be able to prevent the Third Elder from acting against us!”

The three quickly found a place to eat and a hotel to stay in. They also booked flight tickets headed for Soul City scheduled the next morning.

The next day, at just over eleven o’clock in the morning, the three had already arrived at Soul City Airport.

“The air is good here, and there’s quite a bit of chi around. But it’s lacking compared to the City of Martial Arts!”

Ethan could not help but criticize after breathing some of the air here.

“Move over, Uncles. Don’t block the way.”

At this moment, a young woman appeared behind them, clad in stilettos and wearing sunglasses. She was pushing a luggage bag and cried out impatiently.


Jack and Ethan craned their necks around. The two could not help but be stunned speechless. They look like twenty-seven or twenty-eight at most.

The woman before them was probably a lot younger. She actually addressed them as uncles.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like the title, Uncles?”

The beautiful young woman stopped and took her sunglasses off, casting a condescending sneer at them. “What should I call you then, since you’re dressed so shabbily?”

“All right, Aunty. You may pass now. All right?”

Jack gave a wan smile and stepped aside. There was plenty of space around them, but the woman did not even think of going around. She just had to say that they were blocking the way.

“Aunty? You dare to call me that?”

The woman was so furious that her chest heaved heavily. She raised a leg and aimed a kick toward Jack.

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