No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1110

Jack immediately went poker-faced when he heard Wilton’s words. What the f*ck was this? He had just taken a long flight and landed in Soul City. He never expected to get involved in this drama.

Initially, he thought that he only had to help this pitiful woman by pretending to be her boyfriend to upset the other party so that they would leave.

Little did he expect the young master would actually request for them to kiss in front of him, in public, or else the young master would not believe.

But to think about it, Shirley had never had a boyfriend before, and suddenly she claimed that there was a boyfriend? It was too untrustworthy even for Jack himself.

A scarlet flush crept up Shirley’s face and her eyebrows knitted. She was in a difficult situation right now.

However, Jack had touched her leg and wrapped his strong arm around her waist, if she were to deny that Jack was her boyfriend right now, all her previous efforts would go down the drain. Besides, she cared a lot about her reputation and public image, and right now she had no way to back down.

Watching Shirley’s face go blank and dull, Wilton laughed and sneered sarcastically, “Oh? What’s the matter? I was correct, right? Hahaha! Shirley, I’m no fool, it’s not that easy to trick me! I, Wilton Norton, am not stupid!”

“Well. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that Shirley would be embarrassed if we were to kiss on the street!”

However, at this time, Jack intervened with a faint smile plastered on his face. His arm that was wrapped around Shirley’s waist was now, tighter. He turned to Shirley and smiled warmly at her, “Besides, Shirley is tired after flying for such a long time. We should find a hotel to have a good meal and good rest first. Things like love and affection, we’ll wait till the night when the atmosphere is right.”

Shirley’s blushed cheeks were even redder by now. She gazed at the Jack before him, realizing that he was truly a good-looking guy. Now that they were close and her waist was held tightly by him, she somewhat felt a little weird inside, like butterflies in her stomach.

Lana—who had been standing behind the two—was jealous of them in her heart. Even though the episode before her was just merely an act, she was envious of Shirley. If she were Shirley right now, she would die of happiness!

“You’re such a pervert!”

Shirley quickly reacted to Jack’s acting and cooperatively threw him a wink and scolded him in a coquettish tone.

Wilton burned with anger and fury vibrated through his being when he saw the couple flirting with each other, moreover, the woman before him was his fiancé! How could he not have thrummed with anger?

“Motherf*cker! How dare you touch my woman! I’m Wilton Norton for f*ck sake! You certainly have a death wish!” Wilton hissed and stared deadly at Jack.

“Huh, brat, how dare you threaten me? There aren’t many people who threaten me, but for those who did, they don’t end up well in their life!”

Jack chuckled nonchalantly and continued, “In a moment, Uncle Xavien will be here to meet us. And there’ll be dozens of bodyguards coming together with him. So, what now? Do you dare to beat me up in front of them?”

“Is that so? Do you really think that I’m afraid of the Lancaster family?”

Wilton jeered frostily and gestured to his underlings. “Beat him up! Uncle Xavien and his men aren’t here now, let me, the Young Master of the Norton Family, teach this beggar a good lesson today! And I’ll tell Uncle Xavien that his daughter is together with a stinky beggar with no power and no money! We’ll see if Uncle Xavien agrees with your relationship then!” Wilton commanded to his underlings, at the same time, critiqued the couple.

As Wilton’s last word dropped, the bodyguards behind him immediately charged forward and surrounded Jack; they prepared to beat him up.

Shirley merely wanted to piss Wilton off initially, so that he would give up on her. However, she did not expect at all that the other party commanded his men to beat Jack up.

She was in complete shock and terror right now. She was the culprit of this episode; she stirred up the problem, and yet Jack was the one who would receive the beating. Jack was innocent!

When Shirley thought of this, she clenched her teeth and stepped forward, standing in front of Jack and blocking the men from harming Jack. “Wilton Norton, don’t you understand the theory ‘you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink’? You can’t force a relationship nor marriage onto somebody else. And how could you beat people up when the outcome is not what you desire!” Shirley huffed angrily.

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