No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1111

“You’re wrong. I’m not kind or generous at all. You’re my fiancée and this trash slept with you! If I don’t beat him to death today, I’m not Wilton Norton!”

Anger flooded Wilton’s veins and his eyes were filled with rage. “Shirley Lancaster, I was being too nice to you before and you took my kindness for granted! How dare you sleep with another man, such reckless behavior! I’m not afraid of the Lancaster family at all! Don’t forget, the Lancaster family is merely a third-class family here, and the Norton family is a second-class! A third-class can’t do anything to a second-class!” Wilton barked as he stared fiercely at Shirley.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Jack. I didn’t expect that things would turn out like this…”

Terror dawned upon Shirley’s face as she heard Wilton’s words. She started to consider whether or not to tell the other party the truth.

Nonetheless, Jack chortled and comforted her gently, “It’s alright. He has bodyguards, I have two here, too!”

Ethan and Lana immediately stood up upon summon. “Hey, maggots, do you have a death wish? How dare you offend our young master!” They barked at Wilton and his men.

Those bodyguards who surrounded Jack stood frozen upon hearing. The two behind that man were his bodyguards? And this brat was actually a young master? Could he be a young master of a certain prominent family?

The bodyguards were afraid of offending a highly authoritative person, hence they all wheeled their heads and looked at Wilton for the next order.

“Young Master Norton?”

Puzzlement appeared on Wilton’s features as well. He quickly adjusted and sneered with a sinister laugh, “Oh, boy, your acting is not bad at all, who are you trying to intimidate? In this Soul City, I’ve not heard of any young master of the White family. Moreover, there are only a few first-class families here, what is there to be afraid of? Even if he is rich, he is at most a young master of a rich businessman! Beat him to death!” he ordered.

“Young Master Norton is right, I think this brat is probably just trying to stall for time, waiting for the head of Lancaster family to come and rescue them!”

One of the bodyguards smiled coldly. He charged directly with a clenched fist toward Ethan who stood in front of him.

Ethan and Lana exchanged glances for a second and both found their eyes full of excitement. They had not fought for a long time; all their muscles and joints were screaming for some good exercise. It looked like they could use these bodyguards to practice.

Within a few seconds, dozens of bodyguards that Wilton had brought with him were all lying on the ground, wailing one after another.

“No f*cking way!”

Wilton was completely dumbfounded. He did not expect that the two bodyguards of this brat called Jack were so strong and powerful. With a few blows and blasts, his bodyguards were all knocked down and crying for pain on the ground.

“Your…your bodyguards, aren’t they too powerful?”

The bare-footed Shirley who stood beside Jack had a silly look on her face. She studied Jack again—a man who was dressed so ordinary; she did not expect his bodyguards to be so powerful.

She had also heard that the majority of Wilton’s bodyguards were former mercenaries and they possessed strong combat prowess. Ordinary fighters were not on par with them at all! She clearly did not expect that these skillful bodyguards were like tofu in front of them—soft and weak.

“Take your people and leave!”

Jack looked at Wilton—who almost wetted his pants—and reprimanded coldly. “Let me give you a piece of advice, feelings and love can’t be forced, same goes for a marriage. Don’t pester Shirley anymore, do you hear me?”


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