No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1116

“Father, you know I can’t stand that guy. Since my grandfather has passed away and his grandfather also passed away last year, our marriage agreement doesn’t matter anymore!”

Shirley quickly moved forward and took Xavien Lancaster’s hand, acting persuasively, “Also, you know that Wilton’s no good. I met him entering hotel rooms with different pretty women several times. Do you think that he’s there to discuss business-related matters? From how they acted, they’re definitely there for pleasure!”

Xavien eyed Jack suspiciously as he grumbled, “No matter what, you can’t just simply find somebody, right? What’s this guy’s name?”

“He… He’s Jack White.” Shirley smiled embarrassingly and continued, “Father, I just met him today, and I purposely said that he’s my boyfriend to agitate Wilton. I want him to give up, and things would be much easier if he does.”

“Haha! Have you been watching too much drama?” laughed Xavien, his outburst stunning Shirley. “Don’t you know what sort of a person Wilton is? He’s not somebody you can offend. Although I don’t want you to marry him, he comes from a second-class aristocratic family. Not only is his family rich, but we work with them on many of our projects!”

Xavien let that sink before he continued, “Wilton had already called and asked you to get ready for the wedding in two days. He’s sending the invitations out today, and he’ll redraw all his investments in the projects we’re working together with them on if you don’t marry him. Do you know the consequences?”

“What?!” Flummoxed, Shirley stood in silence as she felt her head buzzing.

“How’s that possible? Uncle, what is Wilton thinking? How could he act that way? Isn’t it too much for him to force Cousin to marry him, knowing she doesn’t like him?” Unable to stomach Wilton’s ridiculousness, Willow voiced out her opinion as it was unfair for Shirley. “Wouldn’t Shirley be treading on dangerous grounds if she ends up marrying him for real? Will she have even a single peaceful day?”

“Sigh! I know that!” grumbled Xavien in extreme distress. “However, we’d be losing so much funding if they redraw their investment. We’d be losing a lot by then. Apart from that, we’ll need to pay the other business owners penalties, and that’s a huge amount. Our family will be done for when all that happens.”

The young man in white suit, who was beside Xavien, stepped forward and said, “Sister, it’s best if you marry him. After all, you’re bonded by a marriage agreement. If you don’t marry him, not only will our third-class aristocratic family be unstable, but we’ll also fall into bankruptcy.”

Shirley’s eyes turned red and she looked at her brother, Hendrix Lancaster in disbelief. “I can’t believe you had the heart to say that, Hendrix! Don’t you know my life is ruined if I marry him? It’ll be ruined, all down in ashes! Do you think that Wilton is a good man when he can think of such shameless ways to threaten you guys? Do you think that he’ll be a good husband?”

What Hendrix said next made Shirley reel back in shock… “But Sister, who’s going to marry him if you don’t? Young Master Norton is rich and powerful! If you marry him, our families will get even stronger as we’ll be working together. Not only will our position as a third-class aristocratic family be strengthened, but we might be able to become a second-class aristocratic family soon. I believe that we’ll take it up a notch within a couple of years!”

“Oh, I can just die in anger right now…! How can you think like that, Hendrix? Haha…! You guys are going to disregard my well-being for the future development of the Lancaster family?” Shirley’s face turned pale from anger and stared at them angrily.

“Daughter, don’t get so worked up about it!,” persuaded Xavien. “You’ve angered Wilton gravely this time. This isn’t the only thing he’s threatening us for. As long as you don’t marry him in the wedding ceremony he prepared in two days, he’ll bring men and take you away. He might even attack us! You know that he’s acquaintances with a seven-star King of War, and they have a really good relationship!”

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