No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1119

Jack saw a glimpse of hope when he heard what the pharmacy owner had said to them. The group immediately took a taxi to the Zimmer family mansion.

Jack and his group, however, were stopped when they arrived at the entrance.

“You guys are…?” questioned one of the bodyguards.

“Oh, I’m the young miss of the Lancaster family, Shirley Lancaster. I’d like to request a meeting with the Zimmer family master,” Shirley politely greeted the other party.

She had reminded Jack to be on his best behavior prior to their arrival. The Zimmer family was a first-class aristocratic family in Soul City, and even the Norton family dared not offend them, let alone the Lancaster family.

Nonetheless, she believed that it would not be a problem if she requested to meet their family master based on her honor.

“Oh, you’re Miss Shirley!” The bodyguard glanced at Shirley and smilingly added, “How about this, Miss Shirley: why don’t you come back tomorrow? I’ll inform my master tonight and you just need to come over tomorrow. I’m sorry, but it’s not possible to meet him today.”

“Can’t we meet him today? Why not?” Shirley wondered what was going on. She knew Jack and the others needed the Snow Lotus, and should they return only the day after, the Zimmer family might have already used the Snow Lotus.

They came to the Zimmers in hopes that they were in time.

“There’s a well-known doctor here with us today. He’s an honorable King of War, and he’s treating our old madam now!” the bodyguard explained.

“Let us in—we’re in a hurry. We might not make it if we’re late!” Jack’s face darkened as there was no time to lose. Where would he find a second Snow Lotus if this one was used?

It was a rare item and it was not easy to find one, so he had to get his hands on it.

However, he was not going to grab it or snatch it away from them.

“Who are you? Didn’t you hear what I said just now? We’re polite to her because she’s Miss Shirley. Who are you to speak to us? You look like the Lancaster family’s bodyguard. Haha…! The Lancaster family’s bodyguards are not qualified to talk to me. Don’t think of me as just a door guard—I’m an assistant commander of the bodyguards unit with a fighting prowess of a nine-grade martial artist!” The bodyguard sized Jack up condescendingly.

“Get out of my way. We’re running out of time, and I don’t have the time to explain everything to you!” Not wanting to waste a second longer, Jack pulled Shirley with him as they walked into the Zimmers’ mansion.

“Jack, this is a first-class aristocratic family we’re talking about. This is the Zimmer family’s residence!” Shirley was startled at Jack’s brash behavior, though she failed to resist Jack’s strength as she walked with him against her will.

“Stop him! How dare he barge into our Zimmer family’s residence?! Is he suicidal?!” The assistant commander of the bodyguards immediately yelled loudly.

Several bodyguards immediately stood in front of Jack and the others, blocking their way.

Perplexed, Willow called out anxiously behind them, “Oh my god, Jack! Stop it! Although you’re handsome, you can’t not honor the Zimmers!”

Of course, there was no denying Jack looked rather spunky with that attitude, but who knew how long this handsome figure could stand his ground? He would be humiliated if the Zimmers’ bodyguards pummeled him to the ground.

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