No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1120

Both Willow and Shirley were very worried for Jack.

After all, these bodyguards could not be equated to the Norton family. These were the Zimmer family’s bodyguards, and there was an assistant commander among them.

“Got a death wish?” The bodyguards did not hold back when they saw Jack and the others barging in. Balling their fists, they lunged and charged at the group of three.

They fell to the floor, defeated as their faces darkened.

“Oh dear, they’ve really started fighting now!” Shirley and Willow’s faces morphed into horror when they saw the group of three won.

It was better had they lost, but as they had beaten the Zimmer family’s bodyguards, there was no denying that Jack and his company crossed the line.

Still, Jack and the others did not stop at all as they moved forward, taking down guards that came in their way.

Willow eyed Shirley anxiously as she asked, “Cousin, what should we do? Should we follow them?”

“Let’s go!” Shirley gritted her teeth and walked forward, quickly catching up with Jack and the rest.

Glancing at the guards lying on the floor, Willow immediately followed suit.

The pale-faced guard on the floor yelled loudly, “Help, somebody is barging in!”

The bodyguards in charge of patrolling the compound immediately ran over when they heard the yelling.

It did not take long until guards after guards lined up before Jack and the rest, glaring at them angrily and pointedly. “Who are you people?! How dare you barge into our family’s residence?! Are you people trying to get yourselves killed?”

“Ask your family master to come out. I have something important to see him for, and I need to see him now!” Jack directly said as he did not want to waste time talking to them.

“Haha… What high-sounding sentiments! Do you think that you can just make a request to meet our family master?” Another bodyguard laughed and said, “If you kneel down and apologize now, we’ll allow you to leave here alive. Otherwise, prepare your tombs!”

“Guess we can only force ourselves in then.!” Jack smiled coldly and directly walked forward.

A guy appeared in front of Jack and swung his fist toward him.

This guy’s speed showed that he was at least a grandmaster at an impressive level.

That man, however, was sent flying by Jack’s punch. He crashed onto the ground and he vomited blood. His face immediately turned pale.

“How’s this possible?” The other bodyguards were frightened when they saw this scene—they never thought the man before them was that powerful. No wonder they dared barge in.

Nonetheless, they surrounded Jack, confident in their number and fighting prowess.

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