No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1121

Unfortunately, once the chaos subsided, all the Zimmer family’s bodyguards fell to the ground as they wailed and groaned.

“What? How are they that powerful?” Shirley and Willow were dumbfounded, unable to register how powerful Jack and the others were. The masters of the Zimmer family were not their match.

“Master, it’s bad! It’s bad! There’s a fight going on outside!” A bodyguard rushed into the Zimmer family’s living room. “There are several people trying to barge into our house to meet you. They refused to listen when we told them to come back tomorrow, and they fought with our men!”

The bodyguard lowered his head in shame and continued, “They’re that strong that we can barely fight against them. Even the head commander was sent flying by their punches.”

“How’s that possible?! Who are they? How dare they barge into our house!” The Zimmer family master’s face darkened as he stood up.

The King of War, who was treating the old man, also stood up. “It looks like we need to go out and take a look!”

“Alright!” The Zimmer family master nodded. He walked outside with several of the Zimmer family’s guardians and the King of War.

It was not long until they came across Jack and the others.

“Young man, it looks like the Zimmer family has never offended you guys. What is the meaning of this? You’ve attacked our people!” The Zimmer family master’s face darkened as he looked at Jack. He knew almost all the masters in Soul City, but he had no recollection of such a guy.

Jack smiled bitterly when he heard this. “I had no choice, Master Zimmer. Would I be able to meet you if I didn’t do anything? I can only apologize for what I did.”

“You’re rather wild, young man! Do you think you can hit anybody in the Zimmer family as you wish?” growled one of the Zimmer family’s guardians with a Herculean physique and face covered with his bushy beard.

He stepped forward and stared at Jack fiercely.

Jack looked at him and smiled indifferently as he spoke, “You’re no match for me, so it’s best if you don’t waste your energy. I’m here today because I need to discuss something with your master.”

“You got a very grating behavior!” The corners of the burly man’s mouth twitched as he clenched his fists, and weak Chi was emitted. He was a master with the fighting prowess of the demi-god level.

He rushed forward speedily and his punch was aimed at Jack’s face. He moved so speedily with an imposing manner.

“Hmph!” Jack made a small sound of indignance at the attack as he met the attack with his own fists.

Jack’s attack looked simple and fast. His punch met the opponent’s punch without any hesitation.

“Such power!” The man’s fist had just met Jack’s fist when he was shocked at how daunting Jack was.

Unable to stand his ground, the man flew backward at the next moment, only landing several meters back. He moved a couple of steps backwards before he could stabilise himself.

“How’s this possible? Even Guardian Wright can’t topple him?” Many of the Zimmer family’s masters’ faces darkened when they saw this scene. Guardian Wright was sent flying while Jack remained perfectly where he stood; even a dumb person could see the difference between these two.

Willow and Shirley, who were standing behind Jack, looked at each other and were utterly stupefied—this Jack guy was really strong. Before this, she did not believe Jack when he first said he would help her.

In her opinion, there was nothing scary about the Norton family as long as Jack took action. Even the seven-star King of War was not Jack’s opponent!

“Haha… Let’s discuss this peacefully!” The Zimmer family master quickly sweetened his tone when he saw what happened, surprised as he was. “Pray tell, what does a young brother need from us? Let’s go in and discuss it!”

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