No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1123

The King of War frowned and wondered.

It was seconds later that his eyes widened as his expression morphed into awe. “Goodness, it really was them. It’s really those two after all! I never thought that I’d meet them in this lifetime!”

“Sir, who are you talking about? Do you know those people?” Master Zimmer was baffled, and he could see from the King of War’s expression that those were important people.

“Yes, and it would’ve been better if I recognized them the moment I saw them. Alas, I only remembered when they left.” The King of War said in extreme excitement. “That woman is the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs, and the man is the God of War, Ethan Hays! Ethan Hays is a true miracle doctor, my idol!”

“What?! There were two Gods of War?! No wonder they were so strong!” Master Zimmer was extremely afraid when he heard of this. “Strange… Since both of them are Gods of War, who is this Jack White? The Gods of War seem to address him respectfully!”

“There’s only one person who those two Gods of War would address respectfully!” The King of War raised his head and said slowly, “That person…is the Supreme Warrior himself.”

Everybody took a sharp inhale. The Supreme Warrior… Never in a million years did they think the mysterious Supreme Warrior would enter their residence. The person who spoke to them just moments ago was, in fact, the Supreme Warrior.

The guardian who fought with Jack was embarrassed. Had he actually fought against the Supreme Warrior? Was he suicidal? Thank his lucky stars the Supreme Warrior did not go all out on him, or he would have died.

“Jack, you’re so strong! You’re my idol!” Willow walked beside Jack and looked at him in awe. “Are you sure that you don’t want to consider my offer? Let me be your girlfriend! Oh, you gotta be older considering you’re married now, right? Don’t worry, I don’t mind being your second wife!”

“…” Willow’s boldness embarrassed Jack, unable to reply to her.

Jack offered a tight smile and said, “Let’s go take a look at the next pharmacy!”

They went to several pharmacies throughout the entire afternoon. Jack had already gotten all the herbs he needed, yet there was no sign of the hundred-year-old Sinomenium. None of the pharmacies had it.

“There’s none?” Jack could not control his disappointment after receiving the same news from another inquiry.

He did not expect, however, that the pharmacy owner would smilingly comment, “Young man, it’s difficult to obtain Sinomeniums, let alone one that is a hundred years old. That is a precious item among treasures!” The owner paused before he continued, “However, I know that the Sky City Auction House in the city center is having a special auction tomorrow for rare herbs. You can try your luck there tomorrow and see if you’ll get anything!”

“Really? Thank you so much!” Jack’s hope was restored with that news, thanking the pharmacy owner as he gestured with his hands.

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