No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1125

Jack needed that Sinomenium to cure his father from the poison that plagued him.

As the auction was about to end, the old man on the stage smiled. “Next, we’re auctioning the most precious herb in this auction. It can be considered a precious item, and it is a hundred-year-old Sinomenium! This…”

Jack and Ethan instantly eyed each other, and their eyes glistened with excitement. Turned out that herb was up for grabs after all!

If that was the case, they definitely had to get this hundred-year-old Sinomenium quickly.

After the old man introduced the herb’s usage and rarity, he stretched a finger forward and said, “The starting price of this hundred-year-old Sinomenium is one hundred million, and the bid can’t be less than a million. Now, everybody can start bidding!”

“This is a true precious item! Haha! I’ll pay a hundred and fifty million for it!” A middle-aged man was intrigued by this item and raised the price by fifty million.

“Two hundred million!” A wealthy-looking woman stood up and doubled the price of the initial bid.

“It looks like there’s some fierce competition today!” Ethan smiled bitterly and reminded Jack.

Jack nodded. “This is a rare hundred-year-old item, and the starting price of one hundred million is obviously too low. This hundred-year-old Sinomenium is worth at least five hundred million!” Jack paused before he continued, “I’m taking it with me, no matter how expensive it gets.”

“Three hundred million!” Another old man stood up and bidded.

The price gradually increased, and it was not long until the herb reached the five hundred million mark.

At this moment, the people bidding for the item had obviously decreased.

“Six hundred million!” It was only then Jack bade, slowly standing up and calling out a number.

The face of the guy who bidded five hundred million immediately darkened.

He stood up again and said, “Seven hundred million!”

“Wonderful! Who knew that this hundred-year-old Sinomenium of ours would reach the price of seven hundred million. It looks like everybody here is good at recognizing wonderful items!” The old man on the auction stage was smiling happily. After all, the higher the price of the auction, the greater their commission.

“One billion!” Before the old man could finish speaking, Jack once again called out a number, and his offer shocked everyone.

“Must you take this from me, young man?” A middle-aged man not far away immediately looked at Jack angrily, his eyes threatening Jack.

“This is an auction house, and the item belongs to the highest bidder. Don’t you know the rules?” Jack looked at the other party and smiled coldly. That man thought he would back down with that so-called intense glare of his.

“Haha… Young man, you’re quite daring!” The middle-aged man started laughing loudly and said, “One and a half billion!”

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