No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1128

“Lucky?” Jack smirked when he heard what the men said. “I need to tell you guys this: be smart and walk away. All three of us are people you can’t afford to cross.”

“Pfft!” The people standing opposite them started laughing when they heard this.

“Hahaha! Young man, have you even asked around who Brother Tiger is? He’s a member of the Green Dragon Clan and one of the important subordinates to our clan master. Who in this city doesn’t know what happens when you anger the Green Dragon Clan? You’re acting funny when you try to threaten Brother Tiger. Do you think threats would budge Brother Tiger?” The muscular man laughed loudly as if he heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Young man, I can understand your feelings right now. You know that you’re done for, so you pretend to be unpredictable so we’d back down and leave, am I right?” Brother Mountain grinned. “Sadly, these tricks won’t work on us! It’s already too late, even if you obediently hand over the hundred-year-old Sinomenium to us and kneel to beg!”

“That’s right, young man. Brother Tiger gave you a fair warning when you were bidding against him. You were the one who refused to listen, and it’s too late for you to regret it now!” added another old man smilingly.

“Regret? Haha! Do you think I’ll regret that?” Jack laughed and looked at the other party coldly. “Get out of my way!”

“F*ck. How dare you act this way to me? Brother Tiger, allow me to teach him a lesson!” Angered at Jack’s unperturbed mannerism and daring to threaten them, the burly man rushed forward and swung his fist toward Jack.

“Idiot!” Jack grew angry when he saw how the other party still dared to attack them. A strong aura spread from his body, and the invisible pressure caused the air around him to move.

Dodging the attack with just a slight movement, he swung his fist angrily to the man’s abdomen.

A slightly muted sound could be heard and the burly man flew several meters away. He crashed onto the ground with a huge bloody hole in his abdomen.

“He’s dead!” The others were stunned when they saw what happened—one of their masters was killed within one second.

Apart from that, Jack’s punch was so speedy that everything seemed like a blur.

“Attack together!” Realizing Jack was no regular fighter, Mountain Tiger ordered everybody to attack together.

“Kill them!” Jack also gave an order. These people failed to win during the auction and actually plan to rob them on the streets. If this happened to somebody else, would those people not suffer?

The noises from their combat were frighteningly audible, and it was not long until the remaining six to seven people—including Mountain Tiger—were killed by Jack and the others. All of them laid on the floor, motionless.

“How’s this possible?! Even Mountain Tiger was killed!”

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