No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1133

Shirley’s fearlessness in standing her ground shocked Wilton.

Though, after a moment of silence, Wilton laughed loudly. “Hahaha! What nonsense is that, Shirley? Are you trying to say that your so-called boyfriend didn’t run and he’s daring enough to come and stop the wedding?”

Shirley’s words struck the masses as a joke as well. The Norton family was an actual second-class aristocratic family. How powerful a person needed to be if he wanted to stop the wedding?

Apart from that, there was a seven-star King of War with them, and he had a great relationship with the Norton family.

“Haha…! Let them come. If somebody dared stop the wedding, let them come!” The seven-star King of War started laughing loudly when he heard this. “Let’s not talk about the Norton family’s masters. Nobody would dare act out with me here, right?”

“Haha… We’re rest assured with what Elder Lafoy had said!” Todd started laughing loudly when he heard this.

At that moment, however… “Really?” Two men and a woman appeared at the entrance as they walked in.

“Jack, you made it…! I knew you’d come!” Shirley almost jumped up in excitement when she saw Jack’s appearance. She really made the right decision about Jack; he was someone who meant what he said.

“You’re really here. Haha…! You’re so daring to have crashed my wedding!” The corners of Wilton’s mouth slightly twitched before he waved his hand and spoke to the Norton family’s masters. “Everybody, this is the man who dares to come and take my bride. Kill him! Those two with him are strong, so kill them too!”

“What? Somebody is really here to snatch the bride?” Many of the attendees were stunned; they thought that the Nortons were joking when they talked about this. They had no idea that somebody would really show up.

“Oh my god, is this a rehearsal program? This is an out-of-body experience!” Somebody even spoke in extreme shock.

“Snatch the bride?” Jack was stunned and he immediately announced, “Everybody, please don’t misunderstand this. I’m not here to snatch the bride. Miss Shirley is a best friend of mine, and she doesn’t want to marry Young Master Wilton here. Even if the gods came to this wedding, nobody can force her to do it!”

What Jack said was extremely domineering. He spoke in a loud voice as if he was an emperor, giving an irrefutable order.

Wilton felt like he was losing his honor. “F*ck… Who do you think you are? This is my fiancee! My woman!” He waved his hand and said, “What are you guys waiting for? Kill him! I want this guy in pieces!”

“Young man, you’re suicidal!” Several masters of the Norton family jumped up while yelling loudly. They rushed toward Jack and the others.

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