No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1134

The Norton family’s masters had frightening expressions on their faces while they surrounded Jack and the two others.

“Well, it seems like the Nortons got a death wish—can’t do anything about that. Never thought I’d be in a big fight before I leave Soul City today!” The corners of Jack’s mouth curled into a soft cold smile as he faced his attackers boldly.

As the enemies were attacking, Jack and the others immediately moved. They were so quick that many failed to see what was happening. The so-called Norton family’s masters directly flew outward from the attack.

They flew backward like kites with broken strings. They were killed on the spot when they landed on the floor.

“W—What?! They’re actually…” Wilton’s face turned pale when the outcome was revealed. He had a darkened expression on his face as he had no idea that these Norton family’s masters would be so vulnerable.

“Attack! All of you, attack!” ordered Todd in his shock. “Norton family bodyguards, attack! There are so many of us, and I’ll give whoever that kills the three of them a hundred million dollars-reward!”

Some of the Norton family’s bodyguards were fueled with the promise of money and were no longer afraid.

Still, the Nortons’ men failed to contend against Jack and his company despite their numbers. Soon, there was a floor full of bodies around Jack and the others.

There were around a total of 200 people.

The remaining Norton family bodyguards were completely surprised as they looked at the floor full of bodies. They were so afraid that they dared not move one step forward.

“Go! Go!” The legs of several bodyguards turned into jelly due to being afraid. They ran away speedily after they retreated to behind the door.

“It looks like these are some powerful people!” The seven-star King of War Lafoy smiled coldly and stood forward at that moment.

“King of War Lafoy, help me to kill these three, and I… I’ll pay you a hundred million!” Todd was slightly frightened and even trembled as he spoke.

“Haha…! Don’t worry! They’re just three youngsters; they must be dreaming if they want to act presumptuously!” King of War Lafoy smiled as if nothing bothered him. He stepped forward and immediately appeared in front of the group of three. He looked at them with a playful expression on his face.

“Sigh… Who can imagine that a King of War would help others do bad things for money.” Jack could not contain his sigh when he looked at the old man in front of him. Somebody like that was able to become a King of War. He was a seven-star King of War, so he obviously had a meritorious service on the battlefield. Who could have imagined that he would stoop so low?

“Haha! I love money! What can you do about it?” The old man started laughing loudly. He curled his hands into fists as a thin layer of Chi emitted from the fists. “Young man, let me show you my true power!”

Just like that, King of War Lafoy appeared in front of Jack and swung his fist.

“Such speed! Jack is definitely dead this time!” Wilton was extremely happy, his eyes filled with expectation when he saw the King of War attack Jack.

His excitement did not last, however, as he noted how Jack was far quicker than the King of War. He only felt a blur, and it was as if Jack disappeared.

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