No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1135

“What?!” The King of War was also stunned when his punch landed empty. He then felt a slight cold breeze blowing past his back, and he felt fear creeping up on him.

“Not good!” King of War Lafoy was ready to turn and run when he felt that something was wrong.

Unfortunately, a sharp blow fell to his back.

With an audible thump, a seven-star King of War was killed.

“How’s that possible? King of War Lafoy’s killed, too!” Wilton’s face turned pale from fright. Todd, who was beside him, was also frightened. To him, it should be an easy thing for King of War Lafoy to kill Jack and the others. However, what happened in front of him proved him wrong.

“Honey, this man named Jack is really good!” Alba, who stood by the side, had her mouth slightly open at a loss for words.

She had no idea that the man her daughter spoke of would show up. Apart from that, he was so domineering and powerful.

“Yes, he’s really strong! It makes sense now… No wonder our daughter…” Xavien was also totally shaken at this point. No wonder his daughter wanted to marry such a man. How could such a man be a simpleton?

None of them knew that men from the Green Dragon Clan had eyed Jack and his company as they entered the hotel.

“Master! Master!”

“What is it?” The Green Dragon Clan master sat on a chair as he leisurely sipped his tea. He squinted at the person reporting to him.

In his opinion, Jack and the rest must have left the city as they failed to find them after a thorough search.

Although their people were still continuing their search for Jack and the others, he was not really hopeful about it.

“Master, those three went to a six-star hotel, and they must be there to attend the Norton family’s wedding! We saw them going in. We’ve no idea if they’re relatives of the Nortons or not. They must’ve been invited to join the wedding!” said one of the men as he immediately walked forward.

“What?! The three of them didn’t leave the city and even publicly attended a wedding?” The clan master immediately stood up when he heard the report, his hands balled into fists. “Great! This is great! It’s great that they’re suicidal! Come, bring our men and let’s go!”

Soon, the Green Dragon Clam master brought many of their masters as they headed for the hotel.

“Jack, let’s… Let’s talk this through nicely. I know you like Shirley, right? Can’t I just give her to you? Can we consider that our friendship grew because of blows? I wouldn’t forcefully ask for it since this woman doesn’t like me. I’ll give her to you, so can you just let us off the hook?” The initially arrogant Wilton knelt on the ground as his legs turned to jelly when he saw Jack. He bitterly begged Jack.

“Yes, young man. It’s our fault, and we won’t force her into marriage anymore! You can’t actually blame everything about this on us, right? After all, we had a marriage arrangement. Brother, I heard that you’re Miss Shirley’s boyfriend, and we shouldn’t have severed your relationship. We’ll give her to you!” Todd had cold sweat all over his forehead, terrified as he knelt before Jack helplessly.

Jack smiled indifferently and came in front of them. “Didn’t I say it just now? I’m only Miss Shirley’s friend, but I can’t stand the sight of powerful people bullying others, forcing others to marry them, so egging me right now will be useless!” Jack paused here before speaking word by word, “After all, I did say that if you dare force her to marry you, I’ll wipe out the entire Norton family and give all your properties to the Lancaster family.”

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