No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1138

“No wonder…no wonder you would stand forward so quickly!” Jack smiled and stepped forward. “Fine, if that’s the case. I’ll give you a chance and let’s fight one on one!”

Lana, who was beside them, spoke. “You’re really shameless. We bought the item at the auction house. Your grandson did not want us to leave since he failed to win the bid so he planned to snatch it by force. It’s true that his grandfather is not a good person too!”

Ethan, on the other hand, said. “These are people from the clan, how good can they be? It’s good to kill this group of useless bastards as we’re helping Soul City to clean up its trash and make the lives of the Soul City’s occupants better!”

“Shameless boasts!” The old man’s face turned red from anger. He directly jumped up and cut toward Jack with his sword. “Look out!”

An extremely sharp sword aura rushed directly toward Jack as the old man waved his sword. There was some faint Chi mixed with the sword aura!

“You really are a master who’s at the initial stage of the demi-god level. This is a really powerful attack!” Jack spoke coldly after he took a look. He then directly waved his hand and an equally scary sword aura rushed toward the other party.

The sword aura was absolutely scary and flew forward in a flash, turning into a ray of light.

The next second, both sword aura collided and emitted a dazzling light. The powerful energy fluctuation scared many people into backing away.

The attacks from the masters of the demi-god level were so scary!

“This is impossible! How can this guy’s attack be so strong? Could he also possess the fighting prowess of a demi-god level?” The old man originally thought that even though Jack and the two worked together to kill a seven-star King of War, none of them have achieved the demi-god level yet. Hence, it should be an easy task for him to kill Jack.

He soon felt that the movement in Jack’s attack was slightly stronger than his attack waves.

The rumbling noise was still continuing. The old man’s attack was continuously being used up while there was still some leftover power in Jack’s attack. That power arrived in front of the old man in a flash.

“What?! There is still some power left?” The old man’s eyeballs almost dropped when he saw it. If this attack landed on him, he would be terribly hurt even if he did not die.

His facial expression changed as he was frightened and he immediately blocked it with his sword.

Jack’s attack arrived and hit his sword so hard at the very moment he used the sword to block himself.

The strong power suddenly trembled and the sword hummed. Blood flowed from the man’s hand that was holding the sword as the web between the old man’s thumb and finger broke from the tremble.

The old man directly walked several steps forward before finally stopping.

However, he had just stopped when he felt a tingling feeling in his throat and then vomited a mouthful of blood again. He had suffered some internal injuries.

“Such a strong attack!” The old man was secretly dumbstruck and his eyes were filled with disbelief. The young man in front of him had a sword aura of similar length as him but the young man’s attack power was double of his.

“It looks like we’ve met with a master today!” The Green Dragon Clan master originally had a playful expression on his face but it slowly turned into a dignified one. He took out his sword and waved it. “Everybody, attack!”

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