No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1139

Suddenly, all the fighters flew upward and got ready to kill Jack and the others.

A smile tinged Jack’s lips as he watched the black circle in the sky. He concentrated his chi toward his sword.

Together with the chi, the sword in Jack’s hand emitted a light buzzing and vibration. Black-colored air blades lingered upward.

“Black air blades? And there’s chi too!”

All color drained from the master of the Green Dragon Clan’s face when he saw this. Jack seemed like he was going to use his chi to attack directly. This was a skill that was beyond any blade technique. Only a fighter of the true god status could conjure an attack like that.

“Blade wave!”

Jack cast an impassive glance toward the black-clothed men from Green Dragon Clan, who all leaped into the air. He swiped his blade toward them.

In a flash, a black wave coursed toward them at a blinding speed. The chi-infused air blade was extremely powerful.

The wet crunch of explosions rang out, and the men who had leaped up were suddenly cleaved into halves. Their bodies fell onto the ground.

Blood suddenly cloyed the air, frightening many guests at the wedding. They all released yelps and dodged into corners.

Some of those who were more frightened fainted on the spot.

“My God. What technique is that? He just killed over seventy people in one go!”

Somebody cried out after he saw Jack’s attack.

“God, that truly is an off-body chi attack. That’s not bladework. The attack is too strong. Is that the power of a fighter of the true god status?”

Somebody was so shocked that their mind went blank. They were actually witnessing a fighter of the true god status.

“No way. He’s of the true god status!”

The master of the Green Dragon Clan was so scared that his knees trembled. The entire Clan was no match even for a single fighter from the true god status. If the three of them were demi-god fighters at the advanced or peak stage, they could still give Jack a run for his money. However, among the three of them, two were at the beginning stage of the demi-god status, and the other was at the intermediate stage. They were no match for Jack.

Furthermore, the other two people with him were probably strong fighters as well.

While everybody was still in shock, Lana and Ethan rushed out and killed another few dozens of people with their air blades.

“Those two are probably just as strong as Master!”

The elder’s face had gone ashen. He never thought that the Green Dragon Clan would fall because of these three people.

“I told you that he’s really strong, Father. R-right?”

Shirley, who was standing to the side, gulped nervously. She felt as though she was dreaming.

She was eternally grateful toward Jack, who had saved her as promised, and she was indebted to him.

However, she soon found out that Jack and his friends had offended the Green Dragon Clan. This made her worried—she had thought that Jack had lost the chance to escape Soul City and that she had sentenced Jack to death.

She never thought that the events that unfolded before her would put her on such a rollercoaster ride. Jack was actually powerful—far more powerful than she had expected.

“Witnessing this scene, even if I die it is worth it!”

At the entrance, Master Zimmer and the King of War who is a miracle doctor happened to saw this spectacular sight after coming over. The two were extremely excited.

“Is that the strength of the Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War? They are so powerful!”

Master Zimmer gulped and exclaimed.

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