No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1140

“Supreme Warrior? God of War?”

Someone who happened to be standing by the entrance took a sharp intake of breath after hearing this.

“No wonder I sensed something different about their auras! I never thought that he was the Supreme Warrior!”

Someone exclaimed.

“Sis, I heard someone saying that they’re the Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War! Jack must be the former because he’s so strong. My God. The Supreme Warrior is my idol!”

Hendrix rushed over to Shirley’s side after he heard that. He was so excited that he was practically bouncing.

“He’s so cool. I want to marry him!”

Shirley looked moonstruck as she watched Jack’s silhouette.

However, she was well aware that she was just an ordinary girl. She was no match for the Supreme Warrior.

He was the man of plenty of girls’ dreams.

“That kid is actually the Supreme Warrior…”

Xavien’s voice was trembling. He was wondering if he had heard wrong. Before, he had wondered if the kid would actually show up because he was afraid of the Norton family. He never thought that he would actually turn out to be the Supreme Warrior.

“Keep it down, Dad. Who are you calling a kid? You’ll have mobs coming after you if you call him that!”

Hendrix immediately turned sullen when he heard that. He reminded his father with a stony face.

“Heh. You’re right. I was too excited. I didn’t know what to say…”

Xavien was internally speechless.

“Did you hear that? Wilton, the people we’ve offended this time are a Supreme Warrior and two Gods of War!”

The father and son of the Norton family were so frightened that they plopped onto the floor, once they found out. They were goners this time.

The battle before them raged just as fiercely as before.

Yet the people from Green Dragon Clan were all quickly killed. In a few moments, only the heavily-injured master and the two elders were still standing. The rest were dead.

“What now? Do you still think that we’re no match for you?”

Jack flashed a bitter smile toward the trio before him. He spoke softly.

“We were unlucky to run into the Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War!”

The master clenched his teeth. “But I’m a man, so I must die a glorious death!”

After he said that, he swiped his blade across his own neck and committed suicide.

The cool steel of the blades flashed, and blood sprayed across the air. The two other elders committed suicide as well.


Wilton took up a sword from the ground and looked at his father’s body. “It was my fault,” he said. “The Norton family wouldn’t have fallen like this if I hadn’t tried to force Shirley into marrying me!”

“No. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have let you do whatever you wanted all these years!”

Todd was remorseful as well. After he said that, he gritted his teeth and committed suicide too.

With his father dead, Wilton also killed himself.

“At least you were a man when you died!”

Jack gave a cold smile at this scene. “Looks like a man will only be truthful when he’s about to die!”

“Mr. Supreme Warrior! Gods of War!”

Master Zimmer immediately brought his people over and bowed toward Jack and the others.

“Thank you, Mr. Supreme Warrior and the Gods of War!”

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