No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1141

Everyone fell to their knees as well, admiration and gratitude on their faces.

Jack was speechless. He raised his hand toward them. “On your feet!”

After everyone stood up, he spoke to Master Zimmer, “We have business to attend to, Master Zimmer. We can’t stay for long. Please take care of the bodies here. The businesses of the Green Dragon Clan have been reverted to the Zimmer family now. Tell them that I, the Supreme Warrior, said this if anyone asks!”

Here, he turned his head to look at Shirley and the others. “Meanwhile, the businesses of the Norton family are reverted to the Lancaster family!”

“Don’t worry, Supreme Warrior. We know what to do!”

Master Zimmer was elated. With those words, the Zimmer family could become a powerful family in Soul City.

Of course, since Jack said that the Zimmer family might have to watch over the Lancaster family as well. After all, the Zimmer family had been able to reap the benefits with no efforts because Jack had saved Shirley Lancaster.

After Jack thought about it, he added, “Right, we ruined this hotel. We can’t just let this issue slide. Help me compensate the boss with one billion dollars!”

The hotel boss and his staff were at the entrance. They had been thinking that they could only bow to their misfortune. After all, they were not lacking money, opening such a big hotel.

After hearing Jack’s words, they were touched. “You truly think of us commoners, Supreme Warrior!” they cried out.

“Hah. All right. We should get going. I’ll see you when I see you!”

Jack laughed and kept his sword. He got ready to leave with Lana and Ethan.


At this moment, Shirley could not contain her excitement any longer. She rushed toward Jack and said, “You said that we’re friends. I didn’t even get to thank you!”

“I’m just helping out a friend. No need to thank me.”

Jack gave a wan smile. He studied the young woman clad in a wedding dress before him. He had to admit that she was good-looking.

“I have to!”

Shirley pursed her lips. She seemed slightly angry.

“All right then!”

Jack shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

He never thought that Shirley’s cheeks would redden; she tiptoed and planted a kiss on his cheek. “All right,” she whispered shyly. “I’m done thanking you!”

Jack was stunned. He never thought this would happen.

“Ah, that girl…”

Xavien shook his head and smiled as he watched this. It seemed that his daughter’s heart had truly been moved.

“I’m going off first!”

Jack’s cheeks reddened as well. He walked forward.

“Thank you!”

Shirley grinned as she watched him leave. She could never be with him, but she believed that the memory of this brave kiss would always remain as a beautiful image in her life.

There may even be plenty of other girls who admired her bravery in the future.

Shirley kept staring at the entrance long even after Jack and the others had left. Her lips were curved into a sweet smile.

“I have something good here, Sis. Heh. But you’ll have to pay for it!”

Hendrix ran over at this moment and spoke, grinning.

“I have to pay you? Dream on!”

Shirley rolled her eyes. “You even told me to marry that useless Wilton. Consider yourself lucky that I’m not putting you in debt!”

“Sis, I never thought that he’d be such a rotten character!”

Hendrix put on an innocent expression. “Besides, I did it for the Lancaster family. I had no choice!”

After he said that, he probed further, “Are you sure you don’t want this? I took a picture of the moment you kissed the Supreme Warrior. You sure you don’t want the photo? If not, I’ll delete it!”

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