No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1142

“Really? Are you lying to me?”

Shirley was delighted when she heard this. It would be fantastic if she had a picture to commemorate the occasion. Besides, plenty of her friends would be very envious if she showed such a picture to them.

Hendrix quickly thrust his phone toward her. The picture had been taken at the perfect moment—just as Shirley was kissing Jack’s face. The lighting in the background created a dreamlike effect.

“What do you think? I’m not bad, eh? This picture is perfect!”

Hendrix was happy when he saw the smile on his sister’s face.

“How much is it?”

Shirley’s smile was absolutely radiant. She looked like a young woman blossoming into life at the moment.

“Heh. I was joking. I don’t have the guts to ask you for money. Since the Norton family’s businesses are now ours, and you helped us a ton!”

Hendrix chuckled. “You were amazing, being able to recognize that Jack is such a powerful man! It’s a pity that he’s out of our league. I’d want to marry him if I were a girl, never mind you. It’s a pity, but we’ll just chalk all of this up to fate!”

“You’ve really grown through this incident. You’re so much more mature than before!”

Shirley stared at her little brother. She was taken aback by his words.

At that moment, Jack and the others had arrived at the airport.

“Heh. I never thought you would have a mini affair here in Soul City, Master!”

Lana gave a sneaky smile as she watched Jack.

His stupefied expression when he had been kissed really tickled her bones.

She never thought that the Number 1 Supreme Warrior of Daxia—and its only Supreme Warrior—would be so flummoxed in such situations!

“Heh. What affair? We’re just friends. It’s nothing… Don’t spout nonsense when you get back!”

Jack suddenly felt awkward and nervous when he heard that.

“It’s nothing? Do you really think that a woman will simply kiss another man? She’s the first daughter of the Lancaster family and has never been in love before. That beauty actually kissed you. Do you think she thinks of you as ‘just a friend’?”

Lana could not resist jabbing Jack when she saw his expression. Honestly, she herself had been surprised at the moment, and she admired the girl for her guts.

“Anyway, don’t let my wife know about this. She might misunderstand me! I really have nothing going on with Miss Lancaster!”

Jack reminded them.

“Hah. Don’t worry, Master. We’ve been by your side all this time. We won’t testify even if Selena finds out. Besides, being kissed by a girl just means that you’re attractive, Master. And you’re not the forward type, are you?”

Ethan also grinned. “But I’m sure that you’ll have another wife if you were a little more forward, Master!”

Lana rolled her eyes at him. “He’s not a two-timing man like that. Miss Tanya and Miss Sharon would have long been with him if he loved women more!”

After she said that, she studied Jack’s face. “Eh, there’s still traces of lipstick on your face, Master,” she said. “It’s not obvious, but you can tell it’s there if you look closely!”

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