No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1144

Lily nodded her head slowly. “It was my mistake. I had been very much against him since he arrived at the White family. He must be suspecting that I had ordered the White family members to kill him. That’s why he’s on his guard. It won’t be easy to kill him now!”

“That’s right. He would not have thought that it was you who sent people after him at the beginning. But once he came here, it was you who most vehemently disliked his presence, so of course, he would suspect you. First Madam, if you had shown that you could accept him from the start, and if you had been nicer toward him, he would never have suspected you.”

Here, Dean paused for a while before continuing, “This way, it would be far easier to act against him, since he has no walls around you.”

The realization shook Lily’s core, but she knew that it was too late. “Ah, can’t do anything about it now. You know what my temper is like. I don’t know if Lance is dead or alive, and Jack snatched the head of the house position just like that. How could I have been able to hold it in?”

She paused before continuing, “That brat is my nemesis. How can I put on a smiling mask before my nemesis?”

Since the call was on hands-free mode, Yolanda heard everything clearly.

Only did she found out that Lily was the one who sent assassins after Jack. She was such a vicious woman.

Meanwhile, Jack was able to return to the White family and become the house heir. Now, he had fooled them all. It was clear that he was clever.

She wanted to tell Lily to let go of her grudges, but she was well aware that it was an impossible task.

“What do we do now, First Madam? Since we’ve been fooled, we can only return!”

Dean spoke to Lily after thinking about it.

“I’ve got an idea!”

Lily quickly thought of something. “Jack hasn’t returned after all this while, but he must return eventually, no matter where he has gone to,” she said. “Wait for him at the roads where he must go through to reach the White family estate—at the peaks of the mountains a few kilometers away. You’ll definitely be able to spot them returning. Go after them and kill them on sight!”

“No way. How would we know when they’ll come back, First Madam? What if he never returns? Then we’ll be waiting in vain.”

Dean was aghast. “There must be a time limit to this, First Madam,” he said reluctantly. “We can’t just keep waiting.”

Lily thought that his words made sense too. She spoke after a moment of silence, “I think Nash has two months to live at most,” she said. “No matter where Jack goes, he won’t abandon his father when he’s on his death bed. It’s possible that he’ll return soon. So you’ll need to keep watch for two months at most. You may return if he doesn’t show up after two months.”

Dean thought about it, then spoke, smiling, “First Madam, this won’t be a problem, but we’re exhausted after running around these few days for nothing. We’ll have to get more compensation if you’re asking us to keep watch for two months. We should talk more about the fees!”

Lily was speechless for a while. “Don’t worry. I’ll give you two stalks of first-grade premium spirited grass. That’ll work, right?”

Two stalks of first-grade premium spirited grass was a very tempting offer.

Yet Lily never thought that Dean would speak these words, “Two stalks? First Madam, you should at least give us three stalks for this, no?”

“Three? If I give you three each, I’ll be giving you six in total! You should just rob me!”

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