No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1146

“Hahaha! You’re right, Yolanda! Let’s go!”

Dean flew up to the sky together with Yolanda. Looking at Yolanda’s delicate figure from behind, Dean could not help but swallow his saliva hard.

This woman possessed an alluring body figure—plump chest, slender waist, and full butt. When she flew in the air, the lock of black hair flew according to the wind, how fascinating!

Although she was not as alluring and charming as Jack’s wife and his friend, among the people he knew, her body and features were one of the few.

“My dear Yolanda, I’ll own you one day! Then I’ll sleep with you and you’ll obey me! You’ll be my obedient little woman beside me!”

Gazing at the back of Yolanda, Dean thought while smiling to himself.

As both did not stop for a break, they arrived at the top of the high mountain hill only a few miles away from the main residence of the White family in the afternoon.

“Yolanda, I found that you’re not much of a talker, are you? You didn’t talk all the way here! You’re too aloof and indifferent, don’t you think so?”

Dean asked as he sat on a huge boulder with a green bristlegrass between his lips.

“Is it? Indeed, I prefer quietness and serenity. But indifference is not the word.”

Yolanda smiled bitterly, then the space went silent again. Yolanda pondered about something and suddenly she turned to Dean, “Dean, I truly think that Jack is incomparably smart and talented. For example, like this time, although he had tricked us, I have to admit that if such a person could be the head of the White family, he would definitely be able to develop and make the White family stronger and better, don’t you think so?”

Dean nodded in return to show his agreement. “Indeed, in terms of talent and intelligence, even in all aspects, Jack is a step above Lance, there’s no doubt about it!”

Yolanda was happy and her eyes lit up immediately upon hearing Dean’s words. “Really? You really think so too?”

“Of course! I’m not a fool, naturally, I can see it!”

Dean responded casually though he was a little puzzled as to why Yolanda would say that.

“Hmmm… How about this? Let’s not kill Jack and forget about the deal?”

Yolanda looked at Dean and asked in a tentative tone. “Think about it, Master White is dying, and if Young Master Jack dies too, then who’s going to be the head of the White family in the future? Although First Madam holds the belief that Young Master Lance is still alive, we all know that he’s dead. As for Young Master Hudson, he is ten times worse than Jack!” Yolanda added.

Dean’s expression dulled in the next second upon hearing Yolanda’s words. “Yolanda, how can you think like that? Think harder about it, we’ve promised the First Madam to kill Jack, if we didn’t do it, then we’ve offended the First Madam! Secondly, even if we don’t kill Jack and let him go, the First Madam will have other people go after him anyways!”

Dean halted for a moment and continued, “Besides, you and I are both Lagorios, we’re part of the Lagorio family. Thanks to the First Madam, we’re able to have what we have today, to become the Patronums of a great shadow family. We must repay her kindness toward us too. Besides, Jack is merely an outsider who came from a secular world. He’s an illegitimate son of Nash White, so I think it’s best to kill him!”

Yolanda was rendered speechless. She had wanted to convince Dean to give up, but to her surprise, Dean possessed no such intention at all.

However, she was still holding on to some hope and said to Dean with a determined voice, “In fact, we can pretend that we missed out on Jack and the others; we didn’t manage to find them. In such a way, we won’t offend the First Madam, at the same time, Jack and the others can live, right? We can just think of a reasonable excuse like Jack and his friends use the other route and so on. That’s logical and reasonable!”

“No, no, no, Yolanda, you can’t think like that. Okay, even if we aren’t Lagorios, Jack is worth killing for the sake of the three first-grade premium spirited grass! We should kill them!”

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