No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1148

“Heh! If I remember correctly, you two should still be the Patronums of the White family, right?”

Jack gave a wan smile, looking unconcerned. “Two guardians of the White family came all the way here for me, surely you didn’t come here to say hi to me. So, most likely you’re here to kill me, right?” Jack stared at both of them nonchalantly.

“Clever! You’re very clever, aren’t you? You know what we came here for!”

Dean snorted coldly, “We’re Lagorios, we’ve no choice. First Madam introduced us to the White family and for us to work as Patronum. We’ve to repay First Madam’s kindness to us, besides, the benefits she is offering us for killing you are attractive. Anyhow, we should kill you.”

“Hahaha! Moreover, you guys are not on good terms with me, nor do you have a good relationship with me, right?”

Jack chimed in and finished Dean’s sentence. “But, it’s really good for you guys to tell me that First Madam has her target on my back? Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to kill me, and I’ll get away?” Jack continued.

“Nah, even if we don’t say it, you’ll know who’s behind this. Besides, both of us are strong fighters with true god level. It’s easy-peasy for us to kill the three of you. Furthermore, you can’t even control the chi and use it to attack, and your flying speed is definitely not as fast as ours, how on earth are you going to fight with us or even escape from us?”

Dean spoke confidently with an unperturbed tone. He then flipped his palm and a fine sword appeared in his hand. “Kiddo, anyhow, I admire your bravery and intelligence. You tricked us and made us merry-go-round, traveling from one branch to another branch doing nothing. But, I guess you didn’t expect that we found out your dirty trick this early and are waiting here for your return, right? Hehe! Today I’ll send you to the underworld with my own hands!”

When the last syllabus of Dean’s word ended, he held firmly the sword and shook his arm—flows of chi inoculated into the fine sword in his hand.

However, little did everyone on the scene know, a palm with terrifying force blasted in Dean’s back. It was from Yolanda.

A mouthful of blood was spurted out of Dean’s mouth and he eventually fell to the ground, spilling another mouthful of blood onto the ground.

This blast had wounded Dean severely. He used almost all his strength only then barely managed to roll himself over and face upward. He looked at Yolanda in disbelief, “Yolanda, why did you do that? How dare you strike at me!”

This scene was something that Jack, Lana, and Ethan did not expect. Their eyes went wide and filled with surprise.

“Dean, I’m sorry. Master White is a good leader and he has always treated us well. Besides, I don’t want to see a talented man fall here. If he dies, the White family sooner or later will be ruined!”

Yolanda took out her fine sharp sword and slowly paced toward Dean. Her eyes are guileless yet intense. “I believe in Young Master Jack’s leadership skill and under his leadership, the White family will grow stronger and go further. I can’t stand to watch the only hope of the White family end in our hands!”

Once Yolanda ended her sentence, she shut her eyes firmly and swung her arm in the direction of Dean who was lying on the ground.

A sword aura shot out and Dean’s life was ended.

“Yolanda Lagorio?”

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