No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1156

“Oh boy, what a low life you are. I didn’t expect this from you. How dare you threaten me!”

The woman guffawed when she heard that. “It looks like money can’t solve this matter today. I planned to give you some money for the clothes, but now I no longer bother to do so. Since you have a death wish, I shall grant it!”

After ending her last word, she pointed toward Jack and Selena and commanded with a stern tone. “Kill this man, and then take off the woman’s clothes. I don’t believe that whatever I, Autumn Maack, want, I can’t get it! Except for a few, there’s almost no one in this mountainous area that I couldn’t offend!”

“Hey, punk, you’re seeking your own death. Who asked you to refuse the kind offer from our Young Mistress Maack! Now you can’t blame our lady!”

Several bodyguards sneered as they walked toward Jack with their fists clenched tightly.

‘How arrogant and snobbish were these people?’ Jack thought in his mind; a cold smile appeared on his face. Did they actually want Selena to take off her clothes in the street? The proposal itself had successfully awakened the angry beast inside Jack.

Jack had trimmed down his temper in seeing things for Selena. But solely for the matter related to Selena—which was a forbidden area that no one could provoke—he could not contain his rage.

“Wait, hold on!”

At this time, a young teenage girl stood out and spoke up.

“Miss Maack, it’s just one dress, why bother? I saw a few nice pieces yesterday and they’re of good quality too! Why don’t I take you there to have a look? I’ll buy you those clothes. So, why bother with common people?”

The young girl looked only seventeen or eighteen years old. Her smile was accompanied by two little radiant dimples at the corners, projecting a youthful and sunny aura.

Jack was a little surprised at the sudden appearance of the young lady. He did not expect somebody to speak up for him in such a situation.

Nevertheless, Jack did not plan to let the matter slip; he did not plan to spare the rotund couple’s life. The other party had completely angered him in every way. Even if the other party wanted to let him off the hook, he had no intention to let them go at all.

“No way!”

The plump woman snapped. “Kayla Leigh, don’t you try to play superhero today! They pissed me off and I’ll not just let it go! Today, this man will die right here! I’ve already given them a chance, but they don’t know how to cherish it!”

Kayla gave an awkward smile. “Miss Maack, hold on. Just wait a little bit longer, I’ll try to persuade them!”

Kaylo immediately came before Jack and said softly to him, “Mister, a wise man knows when to retreat, don’t fight with them, okay? Take it off and sell it to her. She is Autumn Maack from the Maack family and her family is unbelievably powerful and authoritative, even my family, the Leigh family, has to bow before them. Listen to me, take the dress off, sell it to them and you still can make a profit out of it. It’s better than being killed, isn’t it?”

Jack laughed out loud upon hearing Kayla’s words. He smiled and said, “Miss Leigh, thank you for your kindness. But, I would like to know your opinion on this matter as well. If you were to take off your clothes in the street like this, publicly, and sell your clothes to others, would you do that?”

“What? No way! How is that even a question?”

Kayla answered without even thinking about it.

Nonetheless, she still tried to advise Jack, “But, that’s because the Leigh family is not that weak; they won’t bully me like this. But it’s different for you, and I think what’s more important is to save your life. Where there’s life, there’s hope. As long as you’re alive, you could wait until you’re powerful enough and come back for revenge in the future!”

Jack, on the other hand, smiled gently at her words. “Thank you again for your kindness. However, I’m not letting them go today!”


Kayla was completely dumbfounded. Initially, she did not want them to be killed, which was why she came forward to convince them. However, to her surprise, this man boasted without shame.

“Sigh! Forget it then. If you guys are looking for death, I can’t help it too.”

In the end, Kayla could only retreat to the side, looking helplessly.

“Hmph! What a waste of our time!”

Those few bodyguards had long wanted to strip Selena. Although they could not do anything with her, at least the view of uncovered Selena could feast their eyes.

After they grunted for a few seconds, all of them charged toward Jack with a tightly balled fist.

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