No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1157

Jack breathed out a cold laugh, and in a split second he disappeared; he was shuttling among the bodyguards at a lighting speed while swinging his arm. With a few flashes, all of the bodyguards laid lifeless on the ground.


The fatty and the plump woman—who witnessed the scene—had their eyes widened as large as saucers and their jaws dropped to the ground. They were in shock. The bodyguards that they brought were of high-grade martial artists, and one of them was even a first-grade grandmaster! The two did not expect their men to be killed in just a few seconds.

“It…it looks like this brat must have reached the higher grade of grandmaster level; his martial prowess and skill are not bad at all. Now I finally understand why he wasn’t afraid of them a moment ago. If he and his wife hurry up and leave the place, and not stir up a bigger trouble, they should be fine!”

Kayla whispered to herself while watching the scene on the side.

“Punk, I’m a Maack! How dare you kill my men! Are you looking for trouble with the Maack family?”

The woman fumed hotly, at the same time, her voice trembled. She used the Maack family as a tool, in hopes to threaten Jack.

“Heh, I see. Should I wait for your men to beat me to death, only then I could fight back?”

Cold and heartless smile plastered on Jack’s face; he slowly paced toward the two fatties.

“You…you…you…stop right there! What are you doing?”

Seeing Jack walking toward them at a painfully slow pace, the fat couple looked at each other and were both in complete terror.

“Oh? What do you think I’m doing?’

Jack chortled wickedly and threw the question back to the couple.

“Punk, you’re not trying to end us, are you? Let me give you the last warning, my father-in-law is a strong fighter of the demi-god level. If you dare to make a move on us, today will be your last day!”

Jack let out a good laugh, then he turned to the rotund man. “Well. There’s one way for you to get out of here alive, which is for you to cut off one of your wife’s arms right here. Perhaps, in that way, I can let you two live. Otherwise, you’ll have to die here tonight!” Jack proposed.

After he finished his last word, he flipped his palm and a fine sword appeared in his hand. He threw it on the ground in front of the fatty. “Your choice” Jack dictated.

“Brat, I’m the Young Mistress Maack, are you looking for death! How dare you ask my husband to cut off my arm! Who gave you the guts!”

Autumn’s temper sparked that she could feel anger thrummed through her veins; she put on the almighty and authoritative look as she barked.

Nonetheless, a heavy slap landed on her cheek right after she finished her sentence. The force pushed her down that she plopped onto the ground harshly; a stream of blood flew out of the corner of her palm. Jack slapped her.

“Dear, can’t you read the situation properly? This time we’ve met someone who’s not afraid of death. This brat is hot-headed and reckless! He’s not afraid of anyone!”

The fatty stomped his foot at the situation, why could not his wife grasp the current atmosphere of the situation? He then gritted his teeth and picked the fine sword on the ground.

“Honey, you’re not really going to cut my arm, are you?”

Autumn looked at the sword, tears shimmered in her eyes and her face was ashen. How could she have thought that the other party was not afraid of the Maack family and daring enough to attack her?

“Brat, you’ve promised to let us live if I cut her arm, right?”

The fatty wheeled around and looked at Jack.

Jack nodded, “A promise is a promise!”

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