No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1163

Suddenly, a ferocious explosion rang out. Ace’s air blade was destroyed as Jack’s air blade quickly overcame it.

That frightening air blade was gone, and Jack’s air blade lost its momentum too. It pummeled the rest of its strength onto Ace’s body.

Ace immediately spat out blood. He flew backward, and a long imprint could be seen across his chest.


Many of the Maack family’s fighters were so terrified that their faces went white at the sight. Their master was at the beginning stage of the demi god status, yet he was still no match for Jack.

Jack threw out several more air blades. Many of the elders who were grandmasters were immediately killed.


The rest of them, who were not very strong fighters, quickly turned tail to run after assessing the situation.

The fatty, who had finally caught up, felt relieved when he saw this. He immediately blended into the Maack family crowd and escaped. The strongest fighters of the Maack family were dead now, and their family was practically gone.

Ace manages to stand up, another mouthful of blood dribbled from his mouth. He stabbed his sword into the ground to steady himself and gritted his teeth, staring at Jack. “Who are you, you brat? How could you be so strong!”

“Heh. Who am I? Why should I tell you? Just treat me as a friendly passerby. At any rate, you can’t go around provoking me!”

Jack chuckled and gave the other man a cold stare. “You gave me no choice. You were too fierce just now. Today will be the day you and your daughter die. It’s better to kill than to allow you to live and continue to bully others around here. Many of the townsfolk hate you, saying that you had earned public ire a long time ago. It’s just that they chose not to voice their anger!”

“That’s right. Kill him, kill him! Don’t let them oppress us anymore!”

Plenty of bystanders cried out from the sidelines. It was evident that the Maack family had offended plenty of people.

“Who dares to kill my brother? Does he have a death wish?”

Yet at this moment, a voice rang out from nearby. A man strode over, fury in his gaze.

“We’re done for. Gaius is here!”

Many people were scared out of their wits when they heard this voice.

The man had a terrifying aura. He rushed over and helped to support his elder brother. “Are you okay, Brother?” he asked, concerned.

“My injuries are serious, but at least you’re here. I’m not dead yet!”

Ace heaved an internal sigh of relief with Gaius here. With this, that punk was done for.

After all, Gaius was the helmsman in the White family. That brat had dug his own grave.

“So what if I want to kill him? You’re Gaius, right? You dare stop me?”

Jack spoke in a frosty tone, glaring at Gaius.

Gaius was shocked when he finally recognized the man before him. He stepped forward and kneeled before Jack. “Young Master Jack!”

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