No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1165

“Really?” Jack smiled coldly and looked at the people around him before speaking. “Did Helmsman Maack directly take action on normal days and do anything hurtful to everybody? If there are such actions, please tell me so that I can kill him and clean up my family name!”

Jack’s words were so domineering and he stood there like a godly statue.

Gaius was so frightened that the sweat on his forehead dripped down continuously. Although he felt that he never did anything bad, he was extremely afraid that somebody would come forward and make things up to get him killed. After all, the fact that he was the White family’s helmsman had caused many people to be jealous, envious, and hateful of him.

“He had never done anything bad all this while!” At this moment, Kayla thought about it and stood up. “Gaius seldom comes down from the mountain and he’s always busy with training. He must be thinking about being promoted to the position of patronum. Hence, his wife always complains about this. She’s always saying that he’s in the mountains and seldom comes down to accompany them!”

“Yes, that seems to be the case. His wife always complains!” A woman also nodded in agreement.

Gaius was secretly relaxed when he heard this. He looked at the crowd and said. “Thank you everybody as you’ve all spoken fair words!”

“Alright!” Jack nodded and directly threw his sword to Gaius. “Gaius, if you feel that you did nothing wrong and you’re guilty of nothing, you definitely know what to do as a White now that Ace wants to kill me. His daughter even wanted to humiliate my wife!”

Gaius swallowed his saliva and stood up with the sword in his hand. “I know what young master means, you are asking me to place righteousness before family!”

Gaius walked toward Ace and Autumn after he spoke with the sword in his hand.

“Uncle, you…you…” Autumn was so frightened that her voice was shivering.

Gaius looked at both of them and said, “Brother, niece, I’ve urged you guys many times to act low-key but you guys have never listened to me. Today, you can only blame yourselves for getting into such trouble!”

Gaius attacked them directly with the sword. Both Ace and Autumn immediately succumbed to the cuts on their neck as they crashed onto the ground with fear in their eyes.

Gaius walked toward Jack and returned the sword. “Young Master Jack, the other relatives in their family are weak and have never done anything wrong. I beg you to let them go!”

Jack took over the sword and smiled. “Don’t worry, I only kill those deserving of death and there’s no need to harm the innocents. I will not involve the other workers and relatives. Get someone to bury them!”

“Thank you, young master!” Gaius gestured with his hands and soon left to get people from the Maack family so that they could clean up the bodies.

“Never have I imagined that you are the young master of the White family!” Kayla looked at Jack differently as Jack approached her. “You’re really powerful to get rid of the bully in this town.”

Jack smiled. “Do you want to go to the White family? I can bring you to the White family and you can join us if you want to!”

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