No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1168

“Father, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand you at all?” Kayla rolled her eyes at her father in agitation. She could not understand how entering the White family and knowing the White family master’s son would be both good and bad at the same time.

This was obviously something great.

Lincoln smiled bitterly and explained, “This is good because you’re able to enter the White family, and you’ll be able to get better martial enhancement materials. We’re naturally happy that you get to train in the White family because our daughter gets to quickly breakthrough and become a master of the demi-god level!”

Lincoln paused momentarily before he added, “I’ve also said it’s a bad thing because I’m worried about the White family’s current predicament; it doesn’t look too good. You also know that the White family’s First Madam isn’t happy when Jack becomes the family master’s inheritor, and she really wanted to kill Jack. Apart from that, Lily has a high position in the White family. She brought many of the Lagorias over, so…”

Kayla understood what her father, Lincoln meant. “Father, I know what you mean. You’re afraid of me getting involved after I follow Jack, no? You’re afraid of a civil war within the White family, that they’ll start fighting, am I right?”

“Yes. After all, Jack is the one who brought you into the White family. If he asks you to stand by his side at that moment, would you not do it? Apart from that, Nash’s condition seems to be getting increasingly serious. I’m afraid that if he dies soon, many people will go after the position of family master!” Lincoln nodded helplessly. “I also want you to be able to enter the White family, but this doesn’t seem to be a very good chance, especially when you’re being introduced into the family by Jack. What if the First Madam hates you too?”

“Don’t worry, Father. Why would she pinpoint me when I don’t even have a position? You’re really cowardly. It’ll mean something that the First Madam has her eyes on me if I’m a patronum or elder, but I’m just a nobody who just joined, and they won’t have time to think about me!” Kayla was speechless at her father’s antics. “Apart from that, Jack is really talented. He’s also somebody smart, so he’ll definitely think of ways to handle the White family’s issues, so don’t worry about these things. Didn’t you always tell me that training is going against nature, and I can’t be afraid of death? What’s so frightening about death?”

“Who’d want to die when you can stay alive?” Lincoln’s face darkened as he countered. “This is definitely an opportunity, but you have to be careful, alright? Don’t take Jack’s side just because he’s the one who brought you up the mountain; you’ll be in trouble if you accidentally offended First Madam or the others. You need to train well after you enter the mountains. Speak less unless necessary, and don’t walk around, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it!” Kayla nodded. “Father, I’m leaving tomorrow, so should we celebrate tonight and have a nice dinner?”

Only then did Lincoln smile proudly as he spoke, “Yes. This is the first time after many years that somebody from the Leigh family gets to enter the White family, so we should definitely celebrate.

“Come on, I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare several dishes that you like!”

Meanwhile, Jack and Selena soon returned after they finished their food. They rested well for the night and the next morning, Jack went downstairs to bring Kayla up the mountain.

After arranging accommodation for Kayla and giving her the token to show that she belonged with the White main family, Jack returned to the house he stayed alone.

When he arrived at the room, Jack flipped his hand and a small pill furnace appeared.

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