No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1169

“Honey, what is this?” questioned Selena as she eyed the object skeptically.

“This is a pill furnace, and it can be used to cultivate pills. It took me some effort to get my hands on this, years ago. Apart from this pill furnace, I also got my hands on several recipes for first-grade pills at that time.” Jack smiled and continued, “By the way, don’t tell anybody about this as alchemists are very rare. The training result after consuming pills is definitely better compared to spirited grass. However, pills require all sorts of ingredients, and it’s not easy to become an alchemist.”

“Dear me… I never thought you’d be able to make pills too, Honey! Have you successfully made any pills then? Elaine once told me about them. She said making them would need solid mental fortitude and great talent!” Selena was slightly surprised. Elaine had once told her that a person’s training period would be much shorter after consuming the pills compared to when they had the spirited grass. Moreover, results obtained with the pills were much more promising as the energy in the pills has been filtered, and only the essence was left.

However, Selena had never imagined that Jack was actually an alchemist.

Jack gave a tight smile as he replied, “I’ve got recipes for first-grade elementary-level pills, first-grade intermediate level pills, and one for first-grade high-level pills, but they’re rather difficult to cultivate. I’ve found many sets of ingredients for my first-grade elementary-level pills, but I’ve failed many times during cultivation. In the end, I succeeded in cultivating two first-grade elementary pills.”

Jack paused before he continued, “So, I’m only a first-grade elementary alchemist right now. It’s not an easy thing to learn it by myself without the guidance of a teacher.”

“It’s already quite good that you can cultivate a first-grade elementary pill when you’re only learning it by yourself. You’ll definitely improve in the future.” Selena smiled and continued, “It shouldn’t be an issue for you to cultivate a pill to cure your father’s poison, right? You won’t fail, right?”

“I won’t fail in this as these aren’t cultivating pills,” assured Jack smilingly. “I’m only slightly refining the herbs to increase their effectiveness, and it’s not very difficult. Many people who train are able to cultivate such healing pills, but it’s not the same as cultivating pills—now that’s a whole nother story.”

Jack was prepared to start the cultivation after he finished speaking. He could start a small fire with his Chi, but he had to feel and control the temperature and strength of the fire with his mental power.

Soon, Jack succeeded in cultivating the pills, and there were a total of five pills.

Jack had bullets of sweat on him by the time he completed the cultivation; it was no easy feat to achieve.

“It’s a success. Honey, let’s go cure father!” Jack smiled and kept the furnace away. He pulled Selena and went toward Nash’s living quarters.

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