No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1170

Upon arriving at Nash’s bedroom door, Jack and Selena saw Joan talking to Nash inside.

“I heard that Jack sneaked out. I really don’t know why he does that, considering how dangerous it is right now.” Nash, who was laying on the bed, was obviously worried for Jack. He knew that Lily had wanted to get rid of Jack from the start, knowing how vexed she was that Jack took the position that belonged to Lance and became the family master’s inheritor. Her urge to get rid of Jack skyrocketed.

It was too risky for Jack to leave the main family as that would be Lily’s golden opportunity to take him out.

“You don’t need to worry; Jack won’t leave the main family if he’s not sure of himself. He must be confident enough to leave the house, and there must be something very important that led him to do that.” Joan sat beside with her usual gentle smile on her face. “He had already returned yesterday, so there’s nothing that you need to worry about.”

Outside the door, Selena stole glances at Jack and smiled inwardly. Jack’s prejudice toward Nash might lessen after he heard his father’s concerns about him.

Jack looked at Selena as they both walked into the room.

“Oh my, Jack, what a coincidence! We were just talking about you, and here you are,” beamed Joan when she saw him coming in.

Jack walked to where the bed was and spoke, “Father, Mother, I have wonderful news for you both. I’ve successfully cultivated the herbs to detoxify the poison in Father’s body. I went out this time to search for some herbs, and I believe Father will recover tomorrow or the day after tomorrow after he takes my medication.”

“Really?!” Joan’s eyes lit up when she heard this, turning to Nash excitedly as she gushed, “Nash, did you hear that? Your son went out to find herbs for your cure!”

“I heard him, I heard him…! Lower your voice so that the others won’t hear you!” Nash was just as excited. “I don’t care if this medication works or not. I don’t mind if I die because of this medication that Jack risked his life to obtain for me.”

“Let’s not talk about death and take one of the pills. I’ve cultivated five pills, and you need to take one for three times every day. You might be able to get down from bed to talk tomorrow evening.” Jack smiled bitterly and continued, “However, I recommend that you share nothing about your physical improvements. The Third Elder has gone into retreat for training, but I think that old fox is plotting something. We should take this chance to see who’s scheming and who’s not.”

Nash nodded in satisfaction after he heard this. “Haha…! It looks like my son is very confident in this medication. I’ve asked many famous doctors to cure me previously, but none of them were certain enough to cure me. They couldn’t even make out what condition I had.”

Jack chuckled as he sat by Nash’s side. “It might be because they thought it’s nothing out of the ordinary, thinking anything but poisoning.”

Nash took a pill and said, “I don’t have high hopes of recovering; all I thought of was if I could see you two before I go. Who would’ve expected my son to be so talented and have such good medical skills! This has been a great surprise for me.”

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