No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1171

Jack thought about it and said to Nash, “Father, it’ll be quite troublesome if Lily and the Third Elder really want to go against us after you’ve recovered, so you should prepare for that.”

Nash nodded solemnly. “If that’s really the case, then our White family would definitely drop out of the eight shadow families. The seven other families won’t recognize our standing, but I don’t care about that. I used to care a lot about this, but things become much clearer to me after I’m poisoned. So what if we’re a shadow family? So what if we’re not? Such titles mean nothing,” he spoke as he gazed at Joan and Jack. “I’m already satisfied to be with you two and have a peaceful life. I’ll never allow Lily to hurt you!”

“Alright, Father. You rest well. Selena and I will excuse ourselves now.” Jack nodded. “I believe your body will recover tomorrow.”

Nash nodded, assured at the idea. “It must’ve been a tiring couple of days for you. Thank you for risking your life out there for me.”

“There’s nothing tiring about this. I held prejudice against you because of what others did, but such a misunderstanding has been resolved.” Jack smiled and soon left with Selena.

At this moment, an old man appeared in Lily’s room.

The old man greeted Lily dutifully before he spoke, “First Madam, we got news about the things that you’ve wanted updates on. Jack and his subordinates went to Soul City after they left this place, and that young man caused a huge stir after he arrived at Soul City. It was easy to obtain news about him because he wiped out an entire second-class aristocratic family and a very huge clan. News about this has been spreading all over the place.”

Lily had a small frown as she heard his report. “Strange. Did that guy purposely take a trip to Soul City so that he could cause trouble with these powerful people? Did he have to do that? Apart from that, he’s the White family master inheritor. Isn’t he lowering his position when he causes trouble with others?”

The old man smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t think he purposely went there to look for trouble. I heard that he went over to the auction house for herbs and bought a herb at a sky-high price. It so happened that those people offended him because of this!”

“Herbs?” Lily’s heart dropped when she heard this. Jack purposely went to Soul City in search of herbs?

She heard that Jack excelled and was well-versed in medicine. Was he out there looking for medication to heal Nash?

Lily began to worry at such a thought as she instantly asked the old man, “What herbs did he buy? Did you investigate that?”

The old man frowned. “That, I do not know. Our people are rushing over there, and they got news about this while they’re on the airplane.”

Lily nodded and firmly spoke, “You have to get exact news about what sort of herbs that guy bought.”

“Yes, First Madam.” The old man nodded and soon left.

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