No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1173

Jack’s expression fell when he heard that. If he only had three years, he had no time to waste. He had to get his hands on the ancient scroll, and fast.

Jack smiled bitterly. “Alright, I understand,” he replied.

Two days later, Nash’s body had completely recovered.

Nash kept it a secret from everyone else, all except his two trusted people—Titus and the First Elder, Kenneth.

Titus and Kenneth were overjoyed to hear Nash’s news.

Despite their joy, however, they felt restless to keep such a secret. They suffered in silence for it.

Another day passed and the Third Elder finally walked out from his room. He had a smile on his face and he quickly went to Lily’s living quarters.

“Why did you come out so quickly?” rushed Lily upon seeing Wade. “I have a really bad feeling. Before you went into retreat, Jack went out with Lana and Ethan.”

Wade was stunned when he heard this. “What do you mean, they went out? This is a great opportunity to kill him! Did you not send anybody to kill him?”

“I did. Sigh! This guy is really at the initial stage of the real god-level. Dean’s carelessness led him to be killed in their hands. Yolanda escaped and ran back here as she was hurt under the attack of those three people!” Lily sighed. “What could we have done? It’ll only get difficult to kill him now since we’ve missed such a great opportunity. This guy doesn’t go out of the White family anymore. He hides in his room to train, and I think he also knows to not easily leave the grounds.”

“Initial stage of the real god level?” Wade was also surprised when he heard this. “This young man is really talented—he’s more talented than Nash when he was younger. Apart from that, he’s really shrewd. He’ll grow into something powerful if we allow him to grow like this.”

“Yes. I have a bad headache right now, and I don’t know what to do!” Lily frowned and asked Wade, “Why did you come out so quickly? Have you failed to raise your fighting prowess?”

Wade, instead, smiled as he diverted, “Has Lance returned yet? Is there any news?”

Lily felt warmth in her heart when she saw how Wade cared for her son, thus she replied, “Yes, nothing’s changed—there’s no news. Sigh… Could he be really dead?”

Wade smiled coldly. Even if Lance was not dead, he would not allow him to come back alive. Lily was delusional to think Lance could still come back alive.

He stepped forward and hugged Lily by her waist before he smilingly assured, “I’ve already broken through, and I’m in the peak stage of the real god-level right now. I’m not afraid of even the First Elder right now.”

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