No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1174

“What?!” Sharply inhaling, a smile slowly broke out on Lily’s face as she grabbed the Third Elder’s shoulder in surprise. “You… You’ve really broken through? You’ve broken through and entered the peak stage of the real god-level? Does that mean you’re the same level as Nash?”

The Third Elder laughed in satisfaction. “Haha… Of course! Nash is in no condition to fight right now. The First Elder and the others are at the last stage of the real god level, so even the First Elder can’t compete against me right now. I have the highest fighting prowess in the entire White family, and I’m the strongest fighter in the White family. I’ll take that family master title this time!”

“Wonderful! Oh, how wonderful!” Lily also became slightly excited and said to Wade, “Wade, don’t forget what you promised me. After you become the family master, you have to keep this position for my son in the future!”

Wade immediately responded with a smile, “Don’t you worry, my dear. I treat Lance as if he’s my own son. I won’t have this chance if you hadn’t secretly poisoned Nash. Don’t you worry; I’ll only be the family master for a maximum of two years. I’ll give this position to him after he returns.”

“Alright. Lance will definitely come back. He definitely will!” Lily nodded.

She knew that for her son to be the family master, she had to allow Wade to take the position for a certain period. Otherwise, Jack would eventually get that position.

Jack was only an illegitimate child, the child Nash and Joan bore in the outside world without her consent. Her hatred for Jack felt as though it was carved into her bones.

She could have ignored the mother-and-son pair had they just stayed in the outside world and never returned to the White family.

However, Nash getting Jack to return after Lance went missing had completely infuriated Lily.

She could not let Jack take what belonged to her son.

Hence, she was willing to do whatever it took for Lance to be the White family master.

However, the Third Elder started frowning at this moment. “The only thing I worry about right now is the loyalty of many toward Nash White. Will others oppose me being the family master?”

“Oppose?” Lily had a sinister and vicious look in her eyes. “I’ll kill whoever that dares oppose it. I want to see how many aren’t afraid of death. Now that you’ve broken through, we need to act quickly. The other will be afraid once we kill Nash, First Elder, and Second Elder. Once these powerful units are killed, the others will have no choice but to obey!”

Lily thought about it and immediately added, “Also, we’ll need to kill Jack. This guy is really talented, and he’ll be our worst enemy if we allow him to grow within two to three years.”

The Third Elder nodded. “Not only do we need to kill the First and Second Elders, but we also need to kill the housekeeper, Titus. He’s Nash’s most loyal follower. Killing these people will act as a warning for the others. After they die, I’ll be the strongest in the entire White family. Who’ll be the family master if not me? Nothing can stop me if you show your support and ask the Lagorios to also support me.”

“No problem. Don’t you worry! The Lagorios aren’t stupid. However, you need to make sure that you kill the First Elder, Nash, and the others in order for you to be convincing. If I support you later on, the Lagorios will definitely be by your side too,” advised Lily.

“That’s right. Apart from that, I can also use the fact that the First Elder doesn’t know about my breakthrough. It’ll be much easier to kill him when he least expects it.”

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