No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1176

Stunned at what Jack had said, everyone inhaled sharply.

Chad swallowed his saliva nervously. “You’re saying that the Third Elder has the intention of rebelling? How’s that possible? He’s a member of the White family!” he blurted.

On the other hand, Lancelot responded, “To be honest, this guy is really daring. He dared to scheme with First Madam and adjusted the material submission from seventy percent to eighty. He’s already that brazen, so what else can he not do? I think he might’ve been planning to take over the position of family master since long ago.”

“F*ck! Wouldn’t we be in trouble if he has really broken through?” fretted Mason. “After all, the master’s health has deteriorated and he can’t really fight. Third Elder and First Elder originally have the same combat power, but the First Elder won’t be able to compete with Third Elder if he has broken through!”

“That’s right! If this old bastard kills our First Elder, nobody in the White family can stop him.” Lancelot had a serious expression on his face as he thought about it, his worries overriding his senses.

“This isn’t the only issue. The most crucial point is that the First Madam might stand with him. If the First Madam leads some of the Lagorios to support the Third Elder to be the family master once the First Elder and Second Elder are gone, many people will have to agree just to save themselves. That way, that old bastard’s sure to get the family master title,” spoke Jack, all while he had an indifferent smile on him.

Chad thought about it and said, “Will the First Madam work with him? Although they worked together to embezzle lots of martial enhancement material, hadn’t the First Madam always hoped that her son would become the family master? How will she allow the old bastard, Wade White to be the family master?”

Jack’s smile caught them off-guard; it was as if he had expected it all. “Wade White is extremely cunning, so who knows how he tricked the First Madam. I think that old bastard used her, toyed her. No matter what, we need to be extra cautious for tomorrow.”

“Understood.” Everybody nodded and left in a short while.

Jack, on the other hand, asked the First Elder, Kenneth White, Second Elder, Weston White, and Titus White to meet him at Nash’s living quarters.

“Young Master Jack, may I know why we’re asked to be here so late at night?” Kenneth and the others asked in suspicion after they arrived.

“The old bastard, Wade White has come out from his retreat, and none of us know if he has broken through. Every one of you needs to be extra careful tomorrow, especially First Elder. I fear that guy might suddenly attack you if he has already broken through. After all, you’re the only obstacle in his way. The Second Elder and housekeeper’s fighting prowess aren’t as strong as his.”

Jack smiled bitterly and continued, “I’m also not sure if I’m overthinking it, but no matter what, please be careful tomorrow. This old bastard might be docile tomorrow if he didn’t break through, but he wouldn’t act so honestly if he had.”

“How’s that possible? The Third Elder has contributed a lot to the White family. How could he do something like this, even if he doesn’t like you?” The Second Elder was obviously surprised when he thought about it.

“Haha… I’m just reminding all of you to be careful. Everybody will soon know if the Third Elder has broken through!” said Jack with a chuckle.

“Alright, thank you for the reminder, Young Master Jack. All of us will take precautionary steps tomorrow,” said the First Elder with a nod.

The next day, everybody was ready to go to the back mountain to pray to the ancestors in the afternoon.

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