No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1178

Lily was sent flying, blood spurting from her mouth as she did. She flew several meters back before Wade managed to catch her. They stopped and stood up.

“Eldest Miss!” Several Lagorios immediately ran over and studied Lily anxiously.

Nonetheless, they could not fathom why Lily would attack Nash—they were husband and wife for over 20 years.

“Lily, how dare you attack the family master?!” Titus and the others stood forward and stared at Lily angrily.

Lily laughed loudly at this moment. “Haha…! Don’t blame this on me; blame Nash for being an ungrateful bastard. The Lagorios worked hard to help the White family turn strong and become one of the eight shadow families. He, on the other hand, wants to bring back that vixen Joan and make Jack, this illegitimate child of his, the family master inheritor! He deserves to die!”

“Lily, you’re ruthless! Young Master Jack is the family master’s son! And why are you still hung up on it when this has already passed for so many years?” growled Titus as he shot Lily a heated glare. “Apart from that, isn’t it normal for the family master to want to meet them when he knows he’s not going to live for long? Apart from that, we’ve heard nothing about Lance, and he’s probably dead. You better wake up! Lance had gone to the most dangerous place, and no prodigies from other families that went with him returned. There aren’t any leads, and he would’ve returned if he was still alive after such a long time!”

“Shut up!” shrieked Lily. “My son’s not dead! He’s very talented, and he’s the most suitable person to be the family master inheritor. He should be the family master after Nash dies. Why is this illegitimate child eligible too?!”

Kenneth sighed and began, “First Madam, stop being so stubborn. Young Master Jack being the family master inheritor is the best choice given our current circumstances. Can’t you see his talents? He’s much more talented than Young Master Lance! Isn’t it nice for us to continue our lives as a family?”

The other two elders of the White family stepped forward and said, “Seems like peace within the family isn’t a choice, considering how Lily made her choice to go against Nash. If the young master hadn’t responded speedily, Lily would’ve killed him.”

“Haha… It’s true that there’s no other way!” Lily laughed loudly and said to the crowd, “Let’s end this today. Although my son can’t be the family master inheritor, Nash is also dying. I’ll kill all of you today and make everybody regret their actions!”

“That’s right. On what grounds can an illegitimate child who returned from the outside world be the family master?” Wade also smiled coldly. He appeared mid-air in a flash as a strong aura immediately radiated from him.

“How’s this possible? It looks like he’s achieved the peak stage of the true god level!” exclaimed the people when they felt his strong wave of aura.

“Oh my god. How’s this possible? The peak stage of the true god level? This is the highest fighting prowess!” Many of the branch family masters grew fearful. They knew it in their guts that life would be a true struggle if Wade became the family master.

“Wade White, what’s the meaning of this? Are you planning to rebel against us?” Nash had a darkened expression on his face, holding onto the hope that it was all just a joke. He trusted the Third Elder all along, and he never thought this old bastard would do this to him.

“Haha…! Is there really a need to confirm this, Nash White?”

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