No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1181

The Second Elder was fast but the Third Elder, Wade was faster.

Swift like the wind, Wade appeared before the Second Elder and threw his fist against the Second Elder’s.

The force condensed and exploded deafeningly, and the impact sent the Second Elder flying like a kite severed from its string. Brought down to the ground by gravity, blood spewed from the Second Elder’s mouth.

“Haha…! Even the First Elder can’t beat me, yet you want to kill my darling when you’re just in the intermediate level of true god status, Second Elder?” Wade laughed rambunctiously as he saw how the Second Elder vomited blood from his attack. He even approached Lily with the crowd watching and hugged her waist.

Shooting him an abashed stare, the blushing Lily tried to free herself from his arms.

“What are you afraid of? Baby, they’ll know about our relationship sooner or later. We can’t continue sneaking around like this, right? Haha…! It’s good for Nash to look at us; maybe he’ll die out of anger without us doing anything!” sneered the Third Elder, laughing as he did. “Who dares to go against me today is suicidal. I have the highest fighting prowess right now while both the First and Second Elder are hurt. Their combat power is pitiful, and I have two to three Lagorio family elders who are willing to fight with me. I think everyone gets the gist of things about now, no?”

“You disappoint me, Lily… Who knew you’d go behind my back with this old bastard!” Nash’s face turned pale from anger and inwardly told himself that this woman was not worth getting angry over. He was lucky to have recovered entirely—he could have actually died in anger had the poison remained in his body.

“I support the Third Elder to be the family master!” Nobody could have imagined that two White family’s helmsmen would walk forward at that moment and stood beside the Third Elder and Lily.

“Look here, everyone, even members of the White family know which team to choose. Members of the Lagorio family, what are you waiting for? Do you guys want to support the White family and go against me? I’m the eldest miss of the Lagorio family!

“Has everybody forgotten that you guys carry the Lagorio surname?” addressed Lily as she smirked.

Sure enough, many Lagorios who came with Lily also walked over and stood by their side.

“Haha… Good. Amazing. Whoever feels that I, Nash White, have wronged you should side with them,” Nash chuckled bitterly as he spoke. “However, I’m grateful that none from the branch families stood over. What does this mean? This means that they’d rather die than stand with you lot!”

Lancelot stood forward and said loudly, “That’s right! Lily and the Third Elder colluded and secretly raised the percentage of the martial enhancement material we hand in. They never gave us any option to survive and raised it up to eighty percent. How can we follow such people? Today, my branch family will stand by master Nash’s side, even if it means death!”

“What? They raised the percentage of the martial enhancement material handed in by the branch families?” Murmurs among the elders and patronums were heard right after. Not only did they secretly raise the percentage, they even raised it to 80 percent. Did that not mean that the two of them secretly took 20 percent?

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